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Takutai Trust and Te Huruhi School Partnership

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We are very excited to inform you that Takutai Trust www.takutai.com has agreed to become a supporter of Te Huruhi School for the next 12 months as the new building arrives. Waiheke Island is a very unique place and the aim of this partnership is to ensure that our school will be one of the best schools in New Zealand.

The Takutai Trustees will be working alongside our Board of Trustees and Staff to help us achieve our vision for teaching and learning programmes and our physical school environment. Their broad range of knowledge and experience will introduce a valuable set of skills and perspectives during this period of key decision making and transition.

Takutai Trust will also become a significant last line fund supporter to supplement our other fundraising initiatives.  This will help ensure all aspects of our new school are up and running within the next 12 months.

Thank you to the Takutai Trust for agreeing to come on board and support the future of our island tamariki.