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A new free parent webinar opportunity

Does your child feel anxious at times and have difficulties socially, emotionally and with behaviour?

Many children with learning difficulties, experience these problems. When children are struggling with aspects of learning and being put in situations that are outside their comfort zone, stress, anxiety and frustration are just some of the emotions that can occur.

In order to maintain the well-being of our children and ensure they achieve their potential, it is important that we address social, emotional and behavioural challengesI would like to invite all parents with an interest in this area, to attend a FREE WEBINAR on Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30pm“Supporting children with anxiety, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.”

Please email julia@juliataylorjames.com with your details to register and a link will be sent for the free webinar. In this webinar we will cover the kinds of difficulties that students have, characteristics and behaviours children display and some skills and strategies you can use to support your children.


Jenny Tebbutt


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