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Celebration Day for Girls

A workshop for girls 10-12 years old and their mothers/female caregivers

A Celebration Day for Girls’ workshop prepares your daughter for a positive experience of menarche, and supports your connection with her as she transitions from girl to woman.

Program Content:
Starting with a 2 hr ‘mums/female carers’ workshop, we look at:
• What you’d like for your daughter as she becomes a woman.
• What we’ll cover at the Celebration Workshop.
• Any concerns or questions you may have.

Then, a further full day Celebration workshop with the girls(mums/female carers join us at lunchtime for the afternoon). Includes:
• Changes to expect during puberty, understanding your menstrual cycle and being positive about your body.
• Creative & fun activities in a relaxed space.
• A shared celebratory lunch
• Stories and wisdom, reinforcing positive relationship.
• A sense of shared experience and support.

Book in for a Celebration Day workshop with your daughter!
$155.00 per duo
Mothers Session 7-9pm Friday 13th August 2021
Workshop Day 10-4pm Saturday 14th August 2021 Waiheke
Please contact our facilitator with any questions:
Amber Taylor  0273888789 [email protected] / https://celebrationdayforgirls.com/