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Island Coaches Collective

The Island Coaches Collective (ICC) is happy to announce that we are back with workshops for the community in the Waiheke Library:

  • ICC Sunday Series – Releasing Vitality Sunday, 9th of August from 1 – 3.30 pm Waiheke Library
  • Mel Burdett on “How Habits Influence Your Vitality”

This year’s overarching ICC topic is “Releasing Vitality”. Mel Burdett will build on this theme with a workshop on how habits influence our levels of vitality and also influence our life.

With the knowledge and experience gained from this workshop, you will realise how your habits have been influencing your vitality – or lack thereof – and what is necessary to implement and maintain habits that will work for you.

Mel is a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF ACC) and certified yoga teacher (IYTA) on the island. She facilitates workshops and private coaching sessions online and in person: www.mindmovelounge.swiftly.co.nz.

Consider bringing a friend along, which always helps to make new habits stick… Or bring pen and paper to take your new ideas home. Come with a curious mind and enjoy an afternoon of inspiration for vitality.

Stay safe, be kind

Island Coaches Collective