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Jasper the Hungry lion – Fundraiser

Jasper was born with incredible bright white hair. He couldn’t move his body & he did not wake up….

Jasper has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). He has very weak muscles, it is difficult for him to balance, talk, run, climb & jump. The most difficult part of living with PWS will be the feeling of
starvation all day every day.

‘hugable’ is a social enterprise developed by Dane Fuller (Jasper’s Dad). It raises the awareness of kids with disabilities through a children’s soft lion and a soft toy storage bag lion. The lions have a missing ear to symbolise a child with a disability.  The concept is that a child who receives the lion as a gift will accept & love him without even noticing it, until at one point they will ask their parents “why is he missing an ear?”. Then the opportunity exists to explain about kids with differences.

‘hugable’ has been in the US for the past three years. Dane raised money and awareness for the Prader Willi Syndrome Association in California. Now Jasper the Hungry Lion returns to New Zealand ready to realise the mission at home.

Become a hug dealer by purchasing these lions at www.hugablekids.com or from the school office for $19.99 (lion cub) or $39.99 (soft toy storage bag lion

– Local Christmas gift with a message
– 100% of profits are donated to Te Huruhi School
– Some lions are donated to local kids to recognise their kindness

– Your child will become more understanding of disadvantaged people