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Speech and Drama tuition at Te Huruhi – 2020!

Does your child:

Need help in gaining confidence in effective communication?

Or is he/she:

Passionate about performing and wants to further their skills?

Effective communication is often taken for granted and some people are naturally gifted in this area. However, in today’s high tech environment many of these basic skills are becoming lost and our day to day functioning requires less and less face–to-face communication. The ability to communicate effectively and confidently is more important than ever in our highly digitalised world. Some students will already have a passion for performing and may just want to further their skills and experience and, perhaps, gain an internationally recognised qualification by taking a Trinity College examination.

Lucinda Peterken (qualified actor, English and Drama teacher, plus theatre director) has put hundreds of students through Speech and Drama exams over the years, in the UK and in Kenya, as well as New Zealand. She also co-founded the Waiheke Theatre Co. and regularly directs plays on Waiheke Island. Study strands include Speech and Drama, Individual Acting, Choral Speaking and Public Speaking. Over the year students explore a variety of skills and then focus on one area of particular interest. Students have the option to work towards a Trinity exam later in the year.
Lessons aim to be a fun and stimulating experience.

Trinity College London is an international exam board that offers a choice of qualifications for students and teachers of drama and speech subjects at all levels of experience and ability. Each year over 600,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity assessment. Exams can be taken by individuals, pairs or groups. A number of schools throughout NZ have been offering this subject for many years. See the Trinity website for more details

Lessons will take place during the school day, beginning the third week of the new term. Fees will be payable as a termly fee, based on 8 sessions per term (but if we can squeeze in more, I will) of 45minutes per session. Groups will be up to four in a class. It may take a few sessions to get the groups sorted appropriately as they depend as much upon the individual personalities as age or gender.
Fees per term – $190 per child.

To book a place, or for further information, please contact me at