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The Island Coaches Collective

Save the dates! The Island Coaches Collective is excited to announce our free Sunday Series 2021: “Ease and Space”

Based on input from participants, we have crafted our upcoming 2021 series to offer you a journey of discovering ease and space from four perspectives:

•    Creating Ease and Space with Louise on 11 July
•    Inviting Ease and Space with Leslie & Mel on 8 August •    Choosing Ease and Space with Mel on 12 September

•    Nurturing Ease and Space with Leslie on 10 October

In our opening session on 11 July Louise Marra will take you through how your nervous system operates and how to resource and nourish the qualities that will help sustain your life. She will look at how to create daily rituals and practices in your life that help you navigate the complexities of your life. This time is very heightened and how we work with ourselves as part of a restoring system is critical. Creating inner space is a capacity we can grow so we can hold our overwhelm in a larger container of ourselves. Come and nourish and resource yourself for your life.

To register, please either reply per e-mail: [email protected] or find our events on our facebook page: “Island Coaches Collective” and click “going” or “interested”.

As always, feel free to share this information with your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. We love to welcome you at the Waiheke Library.

Stay safe, be kind.

Island Coaches Collective