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Cycle Action Waiheke

Cycle Action Waiheke has designed an interactive Easter Holidays bike event for young and not-as-young!

We have painted a large number of rocks that will be placed between Surfdale Reserve, along the Esplanade, in Blackpool leading up to the Bikebox, adjacent to Waiheke Resources Trust, by Friday 15 April. This event is designed to do at your own leisure over the two weeks of Easter Holidays.

Many of the rocks will be painted with bike-related images. Kids just need to find a rock and bike up to the Bikebox during Bikebox hours to exchange it for a bike-related item!  Kids are free to either keep the rock or hide them for someone else on the bike trail – or elsewhere on the island.

Bikebox hours over Easter Holidays are:

  • Friday 15 April 10am – 2pm
  • Saturday 16 April 10am – 2pm


  • Saturday 23 April 10am – 2pm
  • Sunday 24 April 10am – 2pm

Every Saturday and Sunday after Easter Holidays 🙂

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