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Matariki is upon us once more, the days draw close and the evenings grow long. A familiar constellation appears in the night sky. Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Makali’i, Subaru, Mataariki. With 2022 being the first year New Zealand officially observes this National holiday, we are able to recognise and celebrate according to the seasons, not just the dates.

Waiheke of course, with our integrated community culture has publicly recognised Matariki for decades, with joined celebratory events from Piritahi Marae, Toi Gallery, The Red Shed, Waiheke Community Art Gallery and Cinema,among others and Kotahi Tangata, our interschool celebrations.

This year Artworks Theatre will hold its third annual celebration of Motu Matariki. A family show merging invited performance groups and local talent to showcase and enhance our understanding of what the 9 stars traditionally represent.

Gardeners and growers harvest their crops and people turn inwards to reflect upon the year gone by. We remember our departed and observe inherited wisdoms to assess the year to come. We spend time with whanau in the here and now, and finally feast together.
In the midst of our coastal winter, the sea sparkles through the darkness, seeds of light adorn the skies, children and adults alike stop a while to wish upon a star.

Hiwa-i-te-rangi, the youngest sister of Mother Matariki’s family, is the star upon which we send our finest dreams and hopes.
This year, as a way of reuniting a community torn by two years of covid isolation and sorrows, our hope is worth more than ever.

Respected kaiako and granddaughter of Kia Piritahi’s late Rangitira Kato Kauwhata, Maikara Ropata with Baraka of ember::vision have come together to join the shining lights of our island in a space of trust, faith and illumination.

1000 STARS forming a Constellation of Community is the goal. All of us, every one of every age and background, ability and belief are welcomed with open arms to make this happen. The premise is simple, we all make a star, we make our wish.
Using large, small, upcycled, harakeke and natural materials, represent yourself, your favorite person, ropu or business. Perhaps you will make a few and pass them so a friend can ad a

thought of their own. Or maybe there is a star, dusty and hidden away, waiting to shine once more.
!000 Stars will be gathered and strung in the Artworks Theatre in a unique audio visual walk way accessible to all.

Our canopy will be part of the Motu Matariki celebrations and special bookings can be arranged for those who are not yet ready to mingle.

Star collection boxes will be at Artworks Theatre, Greatest Friends, Oneroa. La Dolce Vita and Greenspace (tahi rd) Ostend, The Palm Beach Store and Community Corner at the Ostend Market.
For schools and early learning centers collection will be June 20th.

Assistance, templates and inspiration is available, please email [email protected] Our final working bee will be at the Prithai Maraa open day June 24th.

“We are but a small light, but together we make the heavens shine” Baraka 2022

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