Te Huruhi School aspires to provide opportunities for students to become ‘Confident, Connected and Creative Learners’. Our belief is that the learning is a partnership between the teacher, student, parents and wider community.  Within reason, a student has to be an active participant in the planning and delivery of their learning journey. This personalisation helps the learner to have a sense of ownership and control which in turn leads to greater ‘Self Regulation’ and ultimately achievement.

The world around us is constantly evolving and the rate of change is rapidly increasing with the invention of advanced and complex technologies. Knowledge alone is no longer the key to success.  The successful leaders and community member of the future will be people who have excellent social and collaborative skills and have the ability to continue learning and quickly master new paradigms.

At Te Huruhi School we want to develop these two aspects of every student and this is incorporated within our ‘Vision for Learning’. Central to this vision is:


  • Developing the Person – School Values 5Cs
  • Developing the Learner  – Learning Depositions 4Rs
  • Both the Values and Learning Depositions are actively taught throughout the School Curriculum and Learning Programmes.


Our core curriculum is built around our School Learning Progressions.  As a school we have developed Learning Progressions for Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Te Reo Maori. These progression allow the student, parent and the teacher to see the entire learning pathway and enable the student to become a self regulated learner.

“Self-regulated learners utilise metacognitive strategies; setting goals, developing plans, managing their time, monitoring their learning progress through self evaluation and self reporting and ultimately take control of their own learning” (Baker, 2013; Bird, 2009 Education Endowment Foundation, 2015 Hattie, 2009)


Furthermore our ‘Big Ideas’, are explored on a termly basis and expose the students to The Arts, Science, Health, Social Science and Technology concepts whilst incorporating Literacy and Mathematics.  This provides further opportunities for the students to follow their passions and interests within a specified framework.

Environmental Education is central to our school curriculum.  Where possible an environmental filter is incorporated into all aspects of student learning.  Waiheke Island is a unique place and as part of our values we aim to develop environmentally consciously aware citizens.

Collaborative teaching and learning is fundamental to our curriculum.  Building knowledge and skills with others extends the learning beyond what is possible as an individual.  Using our Curriculum and Learning Progressions the teachers and students naturally incorporate opportunities for collaborative learning within our daily programmes.