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Holidays in Lockdown – Whaea Susan

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Life at our place has a ‘keep on keepin’ on’ attitude. We live down the east end so don’t even see our neighbours (but keep in touch with them to make sure we are all ok.) It really does feel like a bubble. We are lucky that our bubble is quite large with the land that we live on. It took us a bit to get into some kind of routine and one of the girls became quite sick. We were asked by the doctor to have her tested for Coronavirus as she had some of the symptoms. It meant that we all needed to be in isolation and for one of us, quarantined in the house, till we received results. Thankfully, they were negative. In that time though we felt really isolated from everything. We needed to reach out to our community to collect our groceries. A generous neighbour took up shopping for us. We couldn’t even get online pick up as the demand was so high. We are so grateful for that support. We are now back to shopping for ourselves when we need to.

Our routine around here is fairly relaxed. We are all up and most of us are ready to get on with the day by 8am. We have family members who are working from home so need to be mindful of the internet usage. We have booked in time for the girls and I to connect with our friends using google hangouts and whatsapp, over the week and this is always an exciting time. Lots of hands-on activities have been done by all of us: playing board games, cards, making puzzles and baking. Our dog is loving the company and even the ponies have had their regular pedicures! We are enjoying getting back to a simpler life for now by connecting as a family, enjoying the animals we care for and making the most of what we have right now.

It has been lovely to stay connected to the class at this time. We are using Seesaw and are busy setting up our programme ready for next week when school starts! This means that Whaea Deb and I are working through zoom meetings and on google docs to get things ready. It is all a bit strange and novel and tedious at times. We are looking forward to getting back to our normal social selves but for now we are happy to ‘keep on keepin’ on’.

Stay safe Te Huruhi whanau!

Whaea Susan and the Stephensons