Child doing maths
Maths is another core learning building block

At Te Huruhi School it is understood that being numerate is essential to a child’s future success and so Mathematical teaching and learning is a daily occurrence within all our classroom programmes.  At Te Huruhi School, we develop mathematical strategies and knowledge so that children can apply these in real life contexts.

The teachers at Te Huruhi School use a number of teaching resources to deliver a full, varied and interactive mathematics programme. This programme provides differentiated learning experiences that engage children in their learning. These experiences will help to ensure success with mental and written calculations at a later stage, and learning will be promoted through a three stage process:

  • exploring using physical materials
  • imaging
  • developing knowledge of number properties.


The Te Huruhi School Mathematics Learning Progressions are used to ensure that children and teachers are aware of what level they are working at and what they are working towards.  

Children will use the specialised language and symbols of mathematics to communicate and justify ideas in all mathematically based tasks.

The teaching and learning of mathematics at Te Huruhi School needs to be tailored to the personal learning needs of individual children, using a variety of approaches.  The Te Huruhi School Mathematics Learning Progressions will be used to inform teachers, students and parents about learning progress and to plan next steps for student learning and programme development. Teachers will use the “Teaching as Inquiry’ approach to reflect upon their impact and refine their practice.

When teaching new mathematical concepts children will benefit from them being relevant to their world. Resources will be appropriate and accessible for the learner in a mathematically rich environment.  Teacher responsiveness to personal individual learning needs will give opportunities for students to communicate their learning in a variety of ways relevant for the individual.

The teaching of mathematics will be approached in a variety of ways and at different levels by teachers, teacher aides, ESOL support and students themselves.  This will contribute to supporting, consolidating and challenging student thinking and raising student achievement.

Te Huruhi School Mathematics Progressions