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Start of Distance Learning Programme

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Message from the video.

Tena Koutou

I hope this message finds your family safe and well and you all managed to enjoy a wonderful bubble Easter.

We are halfway through the lockdown period and I know like me that many of you are all hanging out for the 20th April to hear that the lockdown will come to an end after only 4 weeks.

The Minister of Education recently announced that schools would open on the 29th April if we end the lockdown on the current proposed date. At this stage I have no further information about what this will look like but I will share it with the community once it becomes available.

Tomorrow is the official start of distance learning at Te Huruhi School. I realise that this prospect is scary and daunting for a number of our families and I want to start by saying that only you can decide what is appropriate for your family during this time and that includes your child’s education. Our staff are here to support you in any way we can. The teachers can be reached by:

  • Email
  • Seesaw
  • Google Classroom

The programmes we are providing are designed to:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Provide activities to fill in part of the day.
  • Maintain connections with the tamariki.

We have deliberately tried to keep things simple to try not to over complicate life in your bubble.

I would like to reiterate my previous messages

  • Spread the learning programme throughout the day in 15 to 30 minutes blocks -depending on the age of your child / ren.
  • Set a routine so the same kind / subject of activities are undertaken at the same time each day i.e:
    • Reading 8:30am
    • Mathematics 10:00am
    • Writing 11.30am
  • In between these learning times allow the children to play, create, watch tv, play a computer game, board game, jump on the tramp etc.  This time is then available for you to focus on other things                such as work, dinner, me time etc.
  • Remember a learning day can be spread between wake up and bedtime. You are no longer constrained by the school day.
  • If you are anything like me working remotely has increased your workload and complicated your work / life balance. The learning programmes we have provided can be completed at anytime. School work only in            the weekend is perfectly acceptable.

Please remember to only do what learning programmes your family can accomplish during this difficult time. Once we exit lockdown the teachers will work with your child from where ever they are up to in their learning programme. At Te Huruhi School we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised learning programme and this will continue once onsite learning resumes.

Finally lockdown is affecting us all. Teachers are people too and lockdown affects us all in different ways. Our teachers are a fantastic group of people who have lifes and pressures like the rest of the community. Our teachers also have young children, teenagers, partners, parents, grandparents who they are also trying to support and manage whilst delivering the distance learning programmes for your children.

We have a wonderful community and I look forward to seeing everyone when we come out of lockdown.

Stay safe in your bubble and see you on the other side