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A Relatively Normal Week.

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Well, it has only taken to the end of July to get ‘A Relatively Normal School Week’.

Classroom programmes up and running without the consistent disruptions of construction workers.

There are now some play space available during break times and the sandpit is proving to be very popular before, during and afterschool.  A small patch of grass is also being used for football, rugby and bull-rush.

We had some special visitors…

The Senior Students’ current inquiry is called ‘Are We Ready’ and they are exploring a range of Natural Disasters. As part of this topic Deputy Fire Chief, Patrick visited the school with one of their fire engines.  Patrick provided a demonstration and detailed explanation about all the different equipment on the engine.

One Friday we welcomed the ‘Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run’ Runners to our assembly.  They shared their message for how we can obtain ‘World Peace’. They stated that  ‘Peace begins in the heart of each of us, and that we all have an important and unique role to play in making the world a more harmonious place.’  The finale was when exiting the hall all the tamariki got to hold the Peace Torch and make a wish or share a quiet thought.

A huge shout out to Eoin, Gracie and Nina who lead the assembly, wrote and presented the opening speech and were great ambassadors.  They did an outstanding job and the visitors were amazed at their confidence, leadership and friendliness.  The visitors really enjoyed their time at Te Huruhi School.

After a long hiatus the Garden to Table programme restarted for our Year 5 tamariki.   Mary and Simon and a large group of volunteers managed to save one of our vegetable gardens amidst the carnage of demolition work.  The tamariki had a great first session and they are looking forward to their next one both in the garden and kitchen.  Thank you to all our supportors and volunteers.

It really is wonderful to be getting back a relative state of normal.