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Be the best we can be, to ourselves, to each other and our environment by making good choices.

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Be the best we can be, to ourselves, to each other and our environment by making good choices.


Paid Union Meeting (Late notification due to unexpected circumstances) 

On Friday 2nd July, all staff union members will be taking part in a paid union meeting at 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm.  Tamariki will be actively supervised during this time.  The Senior Leadership Team, non union teaching staff and Learning Support Assistants will look after your children in two groups; senior and junior until home time between 1.30pm – 2.30pm.  

Alternatively, you may collect your child early (from lunchtime 12:30 pm) or from Tahi (seniors) and Ono (juniors) at 1:30 pm if you would prefer.  You will need to sign your child out in the office if you collect them early.  

Buses will run as normal.  We appreciate your understanding with this and apologise for the short notice. The union meeting was originally planned with no interruption to learning but external factors created a last minute change.


Week 9  Manaakitanga – Caring

  • Be the best we can be, to ourselves, to each other and our environment by making good choices.
  • Grow creativity and unlock curiosity. 
  • Wellbeing for our tamariki and staff.


How the vision came alive over the last week at Te Huruhi

Matariki preparations have been going really well at Kapa Haka and I have loved hearing them around the school. The combined ‘Voices’ concert was a great success on Wednesday 23rd July.  Tamariki from Te Huruhi, Waiheke High School and Waiheke Primary combined to perform a wonderful programme.  The audience was also entertained by Sister Shout and a Malcolm and Alex duet.  We had an audience of over 300 which was the largest for a long time.  Thanks to everyone who took part, and especially thanks to Fhiona Wainwright, Anna Wainwright, Karin Donaldson, Ange and Malcolm for organisation and hard work behind the scenes. 


The level of tamariki’s writing coming to be read in the office has been amazing, some children using movie making to help their writing too.  There has been an increase in science around the school and the tamariki are really displaying their curiosity and asking lots of questions.  This has springboarded into the writing programmes as well.  The use of drama has been evident in Akoranga. Two visitors; one to see our digital technology programs and one to visit about enviro actions, were left visibly impressed with what they were seeing and hearing our children say and do.


The new Senior Playground has been very popular indeed.  The tamairki themselves established the expectations and rules, which has worked really well so far. 


Catching our tamariki being good and hearing lots about it has also been a highlight for our week.  There is an abundant amount of interest from the tamariki about which house team is in the lead. The winning house remains Kakariki, however Kikorangi is following close behind.  


Kapa haka sounded amazing

Science in Nga Purapura Akoranga

Te Huruhi Voices concert

Building a boat through electronics


Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park

Just celebrating and loving learning


In the process of statistics analysis

Making a set of lungs in science

Rippa Rugby training with Nga purapura Akoranga


“Matariki Ahunga Nui”

Matariki brings us all together



Senior classes are lucky to be visiting Piritahi Marae on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to take part in exciting Matariki activities.  

On Friday 2 July,  all of our tamariki will be taking part in a house fun day where they will rotate and spend time with all of the kaiako and Year 0-6 children across the school.  They will take part in a range of activities from learning the matariki song and the matariki macarena, creating a 3D Star, working on Matariki korowai cloak of feathers (collaborative art), playing games such as ‘Stars in the Nest’ (like rob the nest), learning more through a Matariki Video – Kanikani,  participating in Matariki star art, Matariki wishing stars or kites as well as a ball skills/cooperation activity. It sounds great fun and I am sure there will be plenty of photos taken for you to enjoy next week.


On Sunday 4th we also have Kotahi Aroha at Waiheke High School where you will be able to collect your pre-ordered hangi: Kel Douglas has been organising this on Facebook. 



We completely agree that the Landscaping in the inner courtyard of our school is in need of some valuable aroha and that is about to happen!  We have been very busy behind the scenes and will soon be undertaking some hardscaping, which will then enable us to plant some of the trees and plants to soften the surroundings.  Next week, we aim to let you know a little bit more about this exciting time.



We have had several members of our parent community offer things and time for our tamariki recently; from helping to mow our grounds, sponsoring school camp members and offers of sporting equipment. This is very generous indeed and we warmly appreciate it.  

Thanks for our whanau helping get the hangi ready for Kotahi Aroha on Saturday 3rd July at The High School.  Thanks to our volunteers for The Ocean Swim preparation crew as well. Thanks also to staff who are just at the tail end of report writing.  It takes weeks of mahi to get these ready. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child and we are very lucky that we live here on ‘The Rock!’



Please can you drop your child off outside of the staff car park in the morning unless you have an arrangement with the school.  If you do need to use the car park, mostly for health grounds, please let me know so we can easily identify your car. We also ask that you use the turning circle and enter left into the school.  

We would appreciate it if you did not use the car park in the afternoon unless arranged as an accident is waiting to happen! Staff are coming in and out from appointments and need to do so safely. Thank you for your cooperation with this as it is a safety issue. 

And don’t forget the Big Splash

It is awesome we have our valued volunteers for the event. You are amazing.   

If you have not yet done so, click below to enter The Splash, don your fancy dress and raise money for a great cause –  Te Huruhi School! https://oceanswim.co.nz/events/the-iceberg-waiheke/


With only two weeks left of term, we are getting closer to the end of the first half of the year.  We are so proud of what we have achieved this year and even more excited about the direction for the rest of 2021.  Term 3 is delving into the realms of a performing arts based term with a few showcases at the end.  Many classes will use this as a chance to explore some of our foci for the year; Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) and Enviro through Drama. 

Right now though, children will be getting tired (and staff) and it will soon be time for a bit of a rest.  Please continue to encourage your child/children to stay fit and healthy by following hygienic practices.  Please be the amazing role models that all of our tamariki need.

Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Wainwright

Acting Principal