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Classroom Organisation for 2021 – Parent requests for class placement

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Time is marching on and the School Leadership Team is starting to prepare for the new school year – 2021. An important part of this planning is organising the school structure and assigning students and teachers to classrooms.  The process is as follows:

  1. Based on student numbers and our MOE staffing allocation the school structure and class organisation is decided.
  2. Parents and Caregivers are provided with the opportunity to request or share information that they believe is pertinent for their child in the next year.
  3. The teachers record information about each child.  This information, along with the parent provided information, is used to organise the tamariki into proposed classes.
  4. The current teachers review the groupings to identify any possible issues within the proposed classes. Changes are made as required.
  5. Teachers are assigned to the new class groupings.
  6. Class groupings are set for the following year.
  7. Parents are informed via the end of year written reports.

If you have a request regarding the placement of your child for 2021 please: email Phil Wainwright (Deputy Principal) with your request and the reasons. We will endeavour to accommodate parent requests.  Please note that teaching pairs and the school organisation is yet to be finalised. The closing date for parent requests is Friday 23rd October.

Email address: phil.w@tehuruhi.school.nz