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Crazy Hat Day is on Friday 16th October

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Hats are compulsory at school during break times for Term 1 and 4.

To welcome the first rays of the summer sun and to remind everyone that hats are compulsory at school during break times we will be holding a Crazy Hat Parade on the first Friday of Term 4 – 16th October.

The children are encouraged to: Plan, Design, Decorate, Create, Construct, a crazy hat.

All of the classes will take part in a parade to show off their creative flair.

School Hats:

Children should be wearing a wide brimmed or legionnaire style hat in Term 4.

A good quality sun hat is available for purchase from the school office. This particular hat is not a mandatory requirement. Any hat which provides adequate all round shade and good UV protection is quite satisfactory. Caps are not allowed as they do not provide the required protection.

We recommend hats are clearly named. We also recommend some personalizing of the hat so it is easily recognizable to your child and if named can be quickly returned to its owner.

Lost hats are often located around the school and these are returned to a separate lost hat box situated at the office door. Children should check this location and their classroom should they misplace their hat.