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He rau ringa e oti ai 

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Value for week 6- Mana- Commitment

He rau ringa e oti ai 

Many hands make light work


The commitment we all show toward our tamariki makes a difference.  At times it is challenging, but we keep trying. At the end of it, we are rewarded with the gift of learning.  There have been so many highlights for me over the last week seeing our tamariki do so well.


Volunteers for swim event needed….and splashers too!

The Hot Spring Spas Iceberg will take place on Saturday afternoon, the 3rd of July. You can review all of the event details here www.theiceberg.co.nz


There are four ‘swims’ on the day. A run in, get wet and run out fun event called The Ice Splash, The Ice Cube 250m swim, The Icicle 750m swim and the main event The Iceberg 2000m swim.

 The Ocean swim series will give 100% or $5.00 for every child or adult who enters “The Ice Splash”.

The more adults and kids that take part in this event, the more money will be available to be donated. 


Thanks for the volunteers so far who have offered to help at the Ocean swim event mentioned last week.  We still need a few more so we can benefit from the fundraising.  Please can you email me at [email protected] to volunteer.


We still require volunteers on Friday 2 July from 1-5pm and  volunteers on event day 3 July from 11-5pm


Alongside our vision for the year:

  • Be the best we can be, to ourselves, to each other and our environment by making good choices.
  • Grow creativity and unlock curiosity. I am loving seeing this around the school.
  • Wellbeing for our tamariki and staff, listening and supporting are great examples of this.


We have our enviro guiding principles:

Art and sculptures, pupil council speeches about enviro, litterless lunches and lunch box challenges, enviro days, beach cleanups,  actions around the school and local enviro which are being undertaken, drain painting and moth plant removal are some of our initiatives.  Garden to Table celebrates what we look after and treasure and then we enjoy eating.  One of the largest areas has been around Maori perspectives and sustaining Maori culture, learning and preserving and looking at our very own Hinewhaitiri Pou. Some classes have a green afternoon once a week with a focus on awe and wonder for what is going on in our environment. 

Student voice for planning our natural environment has been wonderful. Signage around the school is being planned to educate about flora on site.  We are further looking at ways to support paper recycling, and reducing photocopying. Science has been linked to healthy eating, our bodies and plant growing. There has also been plenty of environmental conversations through pause, breathe, smile.  


If any of you have any spare (external) paint that you no longer need, we would love to hear from you.  We are about to undertake a few enviro message paintings outside the classroom.  Please contact Miss T.

[email protected]


Teacher Only Day Notification

As a part of the three schools involved in WaiCOL (community of learning) there will be a Teacher Only Day on Monday September 6th. This has only just been confirmed and the teachers will be participating in a Te Tiriti workshop.  We appreciate how hard this can be for juggling family life.  We only take Teacher Only Days because it enables us to learn new and essential things to further enrich your child’s learning opportunities at school. 


School Camp for Year 5&6

In what is a very sensitive subject for all of us, we would like to offer a sincere and confidential conversation to anyone who is going to find the cost of school camp overwhelming.  Please may I invite anyone to contact me directly so we can support this in advance.  [email protected] .

We really do not want any child to miss out.  


Cars turning around and use of car park

Please be mindful of people if you are using the car park during the school day to drop off children.  We do only keep it closed with cones during the ‘morning rush’ for safety reasons.  Car Park spaces are filled by staff and parents where we have an agreement.  Even if it looks like there is a free space it usually means a staff member is off site and will be returning.  We appreciate there is limited space but we do need to keep the car park safe and accident free.


Team points

Tamariki are loving our new house points system.  We are celebrating the values children display around the school and intervals and during learning time by giving them “caught in the act” values tokens.  We get constant visits from children wanting to see how their house team is getting on.  The Year 5&6s will be tracking the numbers and will be creating stats and graphs over the coming weeks.  

Learning successes









Making Scientific observations

Writing through science

Seeing how blood pumps through veins and arteries

The body

Staff had great fun looking at linking science to making movies.  Lots of laughter and several science videos were made for our tamariki.

One of the staff experiments! 

Fun at Piritahi Marae with Ngā Purapura Akoranga


Waitunes – A fiesta of music on Wednesday 23rd June 6.30 – 8pm

We have a great evening of music planned where Waiheke Voices (Children’s community choir), The Band, Sister Shout, Malcolm and AJ Brooks alongside some of our talented young musicians will be performing.  Entry by koha and money raised will go towards music in our school. 


Coffee at Te Huruhi

Please keep supporting this wonderful fundraiser.  $2500 in two and a half weeks. Magical!

Please bring your own coffee cup if you can and/or take your coffee cups home afterwards. They are biodegradable.


We know these short weeks sometimes feel harder than normal ones but we come back knowing we have plenty of water in the tanks!  Have an enjoyable week and keep asking about all the positive things that your tamariki does at kura. 


Phil Wainwright (Acting Principal)