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Highlights from our Culture Day Parade

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Today we held our school Culture Parade and activity morning. The children looked amazing. The following information is an extract from the speech that was shared with the tamariki as part of the parade.

You know … the story of NZ is a story of journeys and arrivals … with people leaving their homes to come here to live
The very first people to arrive in Aotearoa NZ were the Maori people.
They travelled across the mighty Pacific Ocean hundreds of years ago in huge sea going waka.
They were very clever navigators and found their way by using the position of the stars at night, and the sun, ocean
waves, and the flight paths of birds during the day.
They are the Tangata Whenua … the first people of this land.

As time went on more and more people came from other parts of the world to make this land their home.
And of course these days most people travel here in very large jet aeroplanes
People come to NZ for many reasons.
Many believe this beautiful country will offer them more opportunities.
This is a ‘pull’ factor – something that attracts people here.
Other people come to NZ because conditions in their own country meant they were not safe – there might have been disagreements, fighting and war, or not enough food to eat, or maybe there was not enough land or space to live … these are ‘push’ factors. Sometimes these people are refugees who need a safe place – like Aotearoa NZ – to live.

In NZ today we have people from many different cultures and countries of the world
In Auckland … which as you know … is a very big place with lots of people, 40% … almost half of the population was not born in NZ … They have travelled here to live from another country in the world
Each group that comes here to live … brings new skills, different talents, and ways of doing things that help to make NZ a more interesting and even better place to live.

On Waiheke Island we have many families from other countries who have travelled here to live. This diversity … that you are showing here today … is something for us all to celebrate. At Te Huruhi School we have children, and some of our teachers and teacher aides, who have come from over 30 different countries.

These are those countries that students at our school come from:
 From island countries in the Pacific – we have students from …Samoa, Tonga, Niue, and the Cook Islands
 From countries in the continent of South America – Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile
 From countries in North America – the USA and Canada
 From countries in Europe – Germany, France, Italy, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Holland and Spain
 From Sweden in Scandinavia
 From England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in the United Kingdom
 From Turkey, Lebanon and Israel in the Middle East
 From countries in Asia – China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines
 From South Africa – in the magnificent continent of Africa
 And of course from our next-door neighbour across the Tasman Sea – Australia

Really, Te Huruhi School is like the United Nations!
You are who we are, all part of this amazing school that is Te Huruhi.

Next term you will be part of the historical move, when we say goodbye and thank you, to our old school and move into our brand new school … what an exciting time that will be.
Thank you, all of you, for sharing and celebrating with us your country of origin
This is who we are, an incredibly diverse and interesting school.  Aren’t we lucky!