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Information Sheet on Vision and Hearing Checks at Te Huruhi School

Vision Hearing Technicians from Waiheke Health Trust will be visiting our school.  The objective of the test is to identify previously undetected vision and hearing defects.

If any parents/caregivers do not want their child to be checked, or their child is currently under specialist care for a vision or hearing defect, they should let the school know.

Which children are routinely checked?
Children who have not completed vision and hearing checks as part of their B4 School Check
Children absent from previous visit, require retests or follow up
In special circumstances, parents, teachers or others may request a vision or hearing check
New immigrants
All Year 7 student’s vision only

What tests are carried out?

 Audiometry (hearing test)
Tympanometry – middle ear function test (only carried out when hearing test is not within a normal range)

Long distance vision tests – not a complete visual examination, but a simple screening test

NB All of these checks are non-invasive, safe and should cause no discomfort.

The Vision Hearing Technician will:

Notify parents of all test results
Enter results on Ministry of Education database (Enrol)

The Vision Hearing Technician will obtain personal details from the school ie; names, date of birth.

If the technician needs to contact parents or caregivers following the visit, addresses and phone numbers will also be required.

Our Service may share this information with other health professionals involved in the children’s care.

Any queries can be directed to Waiheke Health Trust 09 372 8893

The dates for the visits are:

  • 20 August
  • 22 August
  • 29 August


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