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It’s been a long time coming- but we are back!

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Welcome back! Yay!


Key Date for 2022: First day back in 2022 = Tuesday February 1st.



It was so, so lovely to have our tamariki back at school last week, and from now on.  I am in awe at how well they all slotted back into the day.  There were a few very tired faces at the end of each day but that is to be expected. From our observations, the children were settled and happy.  Tamariki all followed the guidelines and were easily reminded if there was a forgetful moment. 

With the exception of the rain arriving bang on school arrival on the Wednesday, everything was smooth.  Thank you to you as our whānau too. We really appreciate that the guidelines were all followed.  I have been greeted by many happy parents, at the shops, on the beach, walking to school and the feedback received has been so positive.  

Staff are reviewing how last week went to suggest improvements so there may be a few tweaks.  We will also ask you after the next two weeks for your feedback too.  

Thanks for following the guidelines we have set out for your tamariki, whānau and staff safety.  The staggered entries and exits are working well and children are moving straight to the classroom which is wonderful.  Please remind yourselves whilst waiting for the gates to open to please continue to socially distance and to wear a face covering. 

Tech’ challenge to make a bridge out of paper to support a 100 block.

Annual Plan to continue into 2022

For 2021 we used a slim down version of the school vision after consulting with our community a year ago.  

Our three key visionary statements for this year have been:

  • Grow creativity and unlock curiosity
  • Provide wellbeing for our tamariki and staff
  • Be the best we can be, to ourselves, to each other and our environment by making good choices

As we have had a disrupted year we were hoping to continue with our action plan by consolidating, reinforcing, and building on our successes.

In 2021: Wellbeing, Digital Technology and Media, an integrated creative curriculum, Te reo and tikanga Maori, PB4L (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning) and of course enviro Green Gold were our main driving forces.  We would love to continue with this in 2022.  What do you think?  We would love your voice on this by completing our survey for how Te Huruhi may look in 2022.

Once we have completed our academic assessment in February, we will be setting two academic goals for 2022. These automatically get added to the annual plan. 

One new area we would like to develop next year is a student/ graduate profile- what should a Te Huruhi student leave our kura with? This will be added to the annual plan. 

What do you think is an important focus for 2022? 

Please use this link to share your voice for your child’s future.




Acting Deputy Principal

We are delighted to announce that Emily Petronelli will continue in her role as Acting Deputy Principal for 2022.  Emily has been instrumental in supporting the progress of Te Huruhi during a very challenging year and will be a key member for continuity to lead with Adam Cels’ arrival back as Principal. This will be a fabulous partnership and we look forward to all the exciting times ahead.


In the same breath, we will be farewelling Caroline Cels who has won a teaching job in Auckland City.  Caroline has been a fabulous member of Te Huruhi, especially with the key shifts for our school as we moved from single cell to shared spaces.  We wish Caroline all of our best wishes for her future and a huge thanks for what she has given.


  • Hats even on overcast days please
  • Sunblock applied before arriving at school. All classes have sunblock but we are unable to apply it.
  • Water bottles
  • An extra top or rain coat for the unexpected showers/ chills

Assessment and reporting

As mentioned previously, staff have not been able to assess children for many months.  In line with most schools in Auckland, we are focusing on settling tamariki back to school with wellbeing being the priority. Assessment of children’s achievement will now be completed in Term 1.  Children will be fresher than they are now.  

As a result, the reports, again in line with what other principals have said, will be slimmed down.  Staff will explain where your tamariki was at the end of Term 2 for their academic achievement.  Without multiple, up to date assessments, we are unable to make an accurate judgement of where a child is at present.  Reports will have a general comment which will be reflective of what the teachers are able to say.  We desperately wanted to have some kind of report for the end of the year and we think this is a realistic approach. Please do not worry about learning progress.  Children will catch up any gaps.  New goals will be set early next year and progress will be reported in a timely way. 


Important message for our Year 6s- Waiheke High School.

This is a plea to parents of students in Year 6 planning to enrol at Waiheke High School in 2022. 

We would be very grateful if you could complete the enrolment forms and return them to the school as soon as possible. This is crucial when planning classes for next year. The earlier we get the enrolment forms, the earlier we know numbers.  

Unfortunately, because of the current Covid restrictions, transition activities have had to be reassessed for this year. 

Enrolment forms can be downloaded from our website at http://waihekehigh.school.nz/apply-now/ or you can collect a hard copy from a desk just inside the High School front office. Completed forms can also be left here, or alternatively in the school letterbox on Donald Bruce Road.

Nga mihi nui

Emma Musson

Marathon Star on our staff

Congratulations to Kim Van Der Speck.  While many of you were sleeping on Saturday morning, Kim was pounding the roads of Waiheke. Due to be running the Queenstown Marathon this weekend, and not going to be defeated by Covid restrictions, Kim completed the full marathon on Waiheke.  Congrats Kim.  That really is commitment and courage and you look so chilled at the end of it! 

We will wait to see how the traffic light system may change what we can and can not do at school.  Our aim is to give the tamariki a happy time until the end of the year.  We realise only too well that there have been several disappointments beyond our control- there have been for all of us, but we do continue to put every bit of effort in to make school as positive as we can.  Go forth and book your haircuts! 


Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Wainwright

Acting Principal