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It’s Great to Have Our Hall Back

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Last Friday marked our return to the hall and our first whole school assembly in over a term.  We had great plans to hold whole school assemblies on the courts but the weather had other ideas. Decmil have finished all of the structural repairs on the hall. The repairs included strengthening the roof and walls to ensure the building is safe for earthquake and wind loadings.  The front wall of the meeting room was completely rebuilt because rot was discovered in framing.

The hall meeting room is now Decmil’s construction offices but we are still able to use the hall and kitchen for Sport, Assemblies and Garden to Table.  Community groups are also able to use the hall and Stephs Fitness Classes have recommenced as have Aerial Silks.  The Fantastic Kids Club – afterschool care will continue to operate from the school library.

Crazy Hat Day was a fantastic event to mark our return to the Hall.  The children and parents made a huge effort with their hat creations and the hall was alive with colour and chaos. Congratulations to the winners.

Now that summer is just around the corner the children must wear sunhats when outside at morning tea and lunchtime.  The hat needs to be a have a wide-brim or be a legionnaire style. Hats are available to purchase from the school office. This week the teachers will be reminding children to put on their hats, from next week children without hats will need to spend their break-times in the library.

Our upgraded 5C Points have been in circulation for just about a term.  To date over a thousand points have been award to children for displaying the school values during morning tea and lunchtime. The children write their names on the points they are awarded and place them in their team box.  The students are collecting the points for themselves and their team.  The team with the most points will be acknowledged at the end of the year with a team prize.  Each week a 5C Point is randomly picked from each team box and the named student receives a small prize for displaying the school values.  The more points a student collects the greater their chances.

Congratulations to all the students for displaying our school values and we are looking forward to our 5C point total growing at an exponential rate.




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