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Kaitiakitanga at Te Huruhi…supported with courtesy.

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Week 7 value: Courtesy – Manawanui


What an amazing turnout for our school picnic.  It was an absolutely stunning evening with such a good feeling.  Simply getting our whānau onto the school grounds was our main priority. Thanks especially to Amanda Walker for all of the organising, but also to the team on The Parent and Friends Association, the staff, The Voices with Ange and Fhi.  The queues for the sausage sizzle meant we ran out at the end and the bounces were aplenty on the slide- Anō te pai! 

We would love to have you involved in so many ways.  Please contact me at school if you would be able to offer your energy and support.  This could be an interest in The Parents and Friends Association, raising much needed funds for our kura, the Board of Trustees, volunteering for some of our projects; reading with children or giving your voice for our Annual Plan.  Whatever it is- we would warmly welcome it.

Our vision and direction for the year

Please pop in to the school office at the start of this week to look at our plans for the year. We really want to hear what you think.  We have four main strategic goals and would love to hear how your ideas could contribute.  We will have pen and paper/ post-its for you to share your ideas. 

What could these goals look like, sound like to you?


  • Provide experiences for meaningful learning to build confident and independent learners. 
  • Our children will leave our school knowing who they are and their sense of place in the local community and the world.
  • Our children will be Literate and Numerate with lifelong learning skills in Science, the Arts and Te Reo.
  • Support all learners to value, recognise and be inclusive of Te Reo, Tikanga Māori and the history of Aotearoa as important aspects of our school culture, environment and curriculum.


Alternatively, you can email me your ideas for any of the four strategic goals above.  [email protected] 


The School Board- NEEDS YOU!

The current School Board is made up of three parent reps, a staff rep, a Nga Purapura rep, and the principal. We are:

  • Emma Bolser (Elected Parent Rep & Board Chair)
  • Merrie Hewetson (Elected Parent Rep & Nga Purapura Rep)
  • Tim Fagden (Elected Parent Rep)
  • Stacey Hema (Staff Rep)
  • Phil Wainwright ( Acting Principal)

We need three more parents to join us, owing to board members leaving the island or finishing their term. 

The Board’s role is to support the principal and staff of Te Huruhi. Beyond teaching, a school is an entity that has a huge impact on the wider community. Property, the environment, landscaping, roading issues, meetings with benefactors, decisions on the school calendar, and running a budget, are just a few of the other moving parts that are involved with the smooth running of a school.

Being on the School Board means coming to monthly meetings on a Wednesday, from 6.30-8.30pm and talking through all the current  issues that are associated with the school*. Decisions about the day to day teaching, setting the curriculum, and managing the teaching team is not part of the job. As a group we do make big calls though on lots of other things: what we want to aim for as a school, what our focus is, how we communicate with parents, what the playgrounds look like, what areas get funded and which don’t, what grants to apply for, what initiatives get implemented and which aren’t a priority.

The Board role is genuinely fulfilling. If you have been thinking about giving back to the community and your school, then this is for you! There is a lot of change continuing into 2021 with the further development of the grounds and with different leadership at the school. 

If you are interested in running or want to know more, please feel free to contact myself, or Phil.

Ngā mihi nui

Emma Bolser   

[email protected]


Amazing learning

Billy (6) in Akoranga whā-  honestly made several hearts melt when he read this to us! 

Did you know the Blue whale is the biggest mammal on the planet?

The Orca whale is also called the killer whale. 

The Humpback whale can sing. 

Whales eat krill.

When whales go underwater they close their blowholes.

Whales have shells stuck to them.


In fact, I am loving all the writing coming to me each day at school from children in different classes.  It is absolutely brilliant!  How can you support at home?  Find an opportunity for your child to read and write. Make your house a rich literature environment where you model reading and writing, for purpose and fun.

It really does make a difference. 


Celebrating our wins! Litterless lunches and 0 waste ….and hats too

In line with our vision to be awarded the Enviro-Green Gold award, we are striving for ‘0 waste’ lunches or litterless is fantastic too. To support the communication, children may indeed bring wrappers but wrappers should then go home even better, the wrappers could be compostable. Thanks for this support- it is making a difference.

What a humongous improvement with our tamariki wearing hats- thanks! It is that simple. 


Environmental Kaitiakitanga at Enclosure Bay with Akoranga Ono

Akoranga Ono travelled to Enclosure Bay on Thursday a part of their class programme. I wish I could have gone in the water too!  It is fantastic to see our amazing environment being used so well for learning.


School photos are this Thursday 25th March

The information has been sent out already so this is a reminder about class, portrait and sibling photographs taking place on Thursday. Team and group photos will take place later in the year.


Have a fantastic week and enjoy what’s around you.  When I look at the news around the world and when I go for a walk, I always simply appreciate what we have here.  Look for the good and you will definitely see it, especially in what your amazing tamariki do each day.  


Phil Wainwright