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Mā whero, mā pango ka oti ai te mahi

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The value of the week to focus on is mahitahi in ngā kura and ngā kainga (co-operation at home and at school). 


Mā whero, mā pango ka oti ai te mahi 

With red and black the work will be complete – everyone working together gets the job done. 


Nau mai haere mai ki a Nick Dalton ki runga i tō mātou poari

We would like to welcome Nick Dalton to Te Huruhi School Board as our Maori Community Rep. We know that we will gain much from Nick and his contribution to our school board and our school whanau.



“Matariki Ahunga Nui”

Matariki brings us all together


As we approach Matariki our school looks forward to celebrating by coming together and taking part in different activities. Matariki is a time of reflection and goal setting.

There are plans for the senior school to visit our local marae Piritahi to participate in a variety of workshops such as raranga(weaving), uku(clay) and more.

As a whole school we will have a fun filled day of different Matariki activities where the school will be split up into their house groups and do rotational activities with each of the teachers.

As an island, most of the educational providers will come together to participate in Kōtahi Aroha, an annual event that celebrates the unity of us all living in Waiheke Island. There will be kapa haka, singing, food stalls, fundraising, organisations that promote well being.  

Ngā mihi nui mō te tau hou – Happy Māori New Year!


Learning Successes

Vision Statement: “Grow creativity and unlock curiosity was evident all around in an integrated way.” This was so visible around the school this week in so many ways and there have been so many successes. Kapa Haka was so passionate on Friday afternoon that I had to go in.  It was a wonderful moment for myself as Acting Principal seeing the vision for the year display itself so well.  


Here is a glimpse of some of the learning – Our digital technology and media met with science, drama and writing to create the most fantastic learning.  Makeymakey kits enabled children in Years 1 and 2 as well as Years 5 and 6, to create an interactive digital display that recorded the children’s voices explaining their science understanding.  Movies were also related to share the children’s understanding through a different approach which was all looked at through science and writing. We aim to display this in the school office foyer.


Our makeymakey classes are linked to writing and science at the moment for some classes.




Many year groups are focusing on how life forms work; plants or animals.


Kapa haka this week was rousing! 

A dream – our boys in toru just choosing to write without being asked!  Magical. 

One of our amazing writers getting stuck into his learning:





The creativity through play unlocks endless opportunities for our tamarki.


Awe and wonder through science: 

learning about how skeletons work. 

Magical maths group work in Akoranga whitu.


PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning)

Vision statements: “Positive wellbeing for all of our tamariki and staff”

“Be the best we can be, to ourselves, each other and our environment by making good choices.”


I had a very interesting conversation with one of our lovely parents at the school gate last week which came from a valid question.  Why do the children who may be seen as a bit naughty get all the praise, rewards etc…?

I explained about the theory and she suggested communicating this so parents can hear the message.

PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) builds on positivity.  It may be a theory that some people will struggle with, to begin with. 

Where we have behaviors that are challenging on a regular basis, we may adopt goals for that child to modify behaviours.  We all know habits are hard to break so sometimes it needs a push!  To begin with, just like learning goals, sport goals, our values etc positive incentives and praise is used.  The best sport coaches often use this!  

When we catch a student with a behavioural goal doing something positive related to their goal, we jump on it and praise it up.  The intention is not to do this forever but evidence proves that being positive helps to modify behaviours in a successful way over time. 

Being caught doing the right thing is rewarded with tokens going to each house team.  



We will report on our journey again next week in more detail. There have been some fantastic projects going on behind the scenes as well integrated enviro themes through our programmes which we will celebrate soon.  

One of the things we are looking for are donations of paint for outside murals and paintings. Please let us know if you have any.


A few additions to the diary:

We are planning a book/writing week for week 1 of Term 3.  This will be a springboard for the various arts programmes going on in term 3. The theme will be made public soon so we can use the holidays to get costumes ready. More information will come soon. It will also be a motivator for writing, one of the annual goals. 


TOD notification for Term 3

A Reminder – As a part of the three schools involved in WaiCOL (community of learning) there will be a Teacher Only Day on Monday September 6th and teachers participating in a Te Tiriti workshop.  We appreciate how hard this can be for juggling family life.  We utilise Teacher Only Days to enable us to learn new and essential things to further enrich your child’s learning opportunities at school. 


Ocean Swim volunteers needed

We are still looking for a few more volunteers for Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd July to help prepare for the swim events.  Please can you get in touch with me if you are able to help – [email protected]

Waitunes – A fiesta of music on Wednesday 23rd June 6.30 – 8pm

We have a great evening of music planned where Waiheke Voices (Children’s community choir), The Band, Sister Shout, Malcolm and AJ Brooks alongside some of our talented young musicians will be performing.  Entry by koha and money raised will go towards music in schools. 


Ya heyyyyyyyy! Smile please!

The dentist opens up next week- We are so lucky to have the dental clinic on our school property which will make things easier for our tamariki and whanau. More information will follow soon.


We wish you a very happy week 7.  If we choose to find it, there are lots and lots of very good things to see and hear.  Even though we move into our winter months, we are thoroughly enjoying our time at school. 


Phil Wainwright (acting principal)