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Manaakitanga- Caring at Te Huruhi

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Value for week 4: Manaakitanga CARING 

We have our school values so we can model them as parents and staff.

As our student survey says – tamariki see a lot of what we all say and do.


As parents and caregivers….

Let’s make this a ‘caring’ week for each other.

How will you make this happen?

Who will you say something kind to, that you might not usually?

Who will you support?

What will the tamariki see and hear you say to each other?


Being caring led to this gorgeous creation in the library one lunch time.

Creative Success Published

What a delight it was to open up the mail last week to see that one of our pupils from last year has become a published illustrator.  Zamora Guerin had her work chosen to be in a magazine that publishes both children’s writing and illustrations.  The Toitoi magazine celebrates the ideas, imaginations and creative spirit of young writers and artists.  We are all very proud of her, we can’t wait to see what she achieves next and where her talent will take her.  Congratulations Zamora, it is stunning! 

The Need for ‘Less’ Speed!

As you will have seen the Police were out and about last week to assist us with helping to lower the speed around our school.  Overall the feedback received was positive. Their speed taser recorded speeds of up to 70km’s which is almost double what it should be.  Please make sure you are driving at 40 kph around and past schools.  

They were also surprised about the lack of seat belts being worn by adults and cell phone usage while driving.  Please be role models to your childrens and do the right thing to keep everyone safe.  


Cross Country

We were so excited to see the large turnout for our senior cross country event.  Tamariki amazed me at their courage and commitment to complete either the competitive or non-competitive races.  Congratulations to our runners who came in the below placings.


Year HineTama
8 year olds1st – Sadie Theed

2nd – Gwynnie Houston

3rd – LilyTorrance

4th – Frankie Neilson

1st – Leo Spence

2nd – Quin James

3rd – Sam Riley

4th – Jude Edwards

9 Year olds1st – Sasha Landis

2nd – Lucia Lindesay

3rd – Bella Robson

1st – Tor Spence

2nd – Merlin Tisch

3rd – Harry Honeysett

4th – Jaylan Van Der Speck

10 Year olds1st – Ella Loveridge

2nd – Elle Musson

3rd – Manuela


4th – Hanife Atame

1st – Noah Meyer

2nd – Tane Walter

3rd – Neo Saaiman

4th – Tailu Guerin

Please note only 9 and 10 year olds will be representing TeHuruhi at the interschool cross country event in Auckland this week.  


House Team Points so far, including cross country 

(Thanks to the student council for working out the statistics)


Kākāriki     122
Kōwhai    173
Kikorangi  147


Te Huruhi Board of Trustees election
Parent election results

Parent representative votes:


  • Adam Hunt – 16 votes
  • Shaun Clements – 29 votes                  
  • Stephen Upton – 36 votes
  • Invalid Votes – 4 votes


I hereby declare the following duly elected:


  • Shaun Clements                  
  • Stephen Upton 


Jill Watson

Returning Officer


Student Achievement

2020 was an incredibly unusual year for our tamariki and their learning progress.  With the additional lockdowns this year, please do not be overly concerned if our teaching staff contact you this term to explain that your child is a focus student.  All this means is that we have identified them as needing a little more support in addition to normal day to day teaching and learning opportunities.  Teachers will contact you if they have not done so already.


The Hot Spring Spas Iceberg – Winter Swim is coming to Oneroa Beach on Saturday the 3rd of July. It’s part of the nationwide Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series and will see swimmers from right around New Zealand coming to Waiheke Island. Proceeds from all child entries and $5 of all adult entries to The Ice Splash swim will be split between Te Huruhi Primary School and Waiheke Primary School.


Ice Splash is a fun ‘run in, get wet and run out’ event with the option of wearing fancy dress. Please support this event and support our school by register your child and your family online at www.theiceberg.co.nz today and tick the box for Te Huruhi Primary School during the entry process. The more Waiheke Primary School supporters that take part, the more funds for the school. If you have competent swimmers in your family they could consider swimming other swim events on the day.


Swims on offer:


The Iceberg 2000m

The Icicle 750m

The Ice Cube 250m

The Ice Splash – A fun fancy dress (optional) run in, submerge, and run out!


Event Volunteer Helpers for event needed

As discussed we would need 3 x adult volunteers on Friday 2 July from 1:00 – 5:00pm and 5 x volunteers to assist us with running the event and packing down on Saturday 3 July from 11:00 – 5:00pm. These could be teachers, parents, older siblings of students, friends of the school. We’d need their names, emails and phone numbers on or before Friday 18 June


School playground

The actual construction for the playground is this week and we are all very excited about this. We will update you on the progress week by week until it is complete.   


Enviro GreenGold

We are looking at making a visual image in our school foyer to demonstrate our journey toward the Green/Gold award.  If there are any “artist” parents who would be able to donate a little bit of time to give us some advice/ support and to make a display look funky and awesome. I would love to hear from you.  [email protected] 


Staff Survey on wellbeing

Last term we surveyed our Year 4-6 children about their wellbeing.  We are in the process of analysing and digging deeper into ways that we can support our tamariki.  Rest reassured we’ve been listening to their voice, and initiatives and programmes are in place to improve these areas.  More information will be shared in due course.


Wellbeing initiatives for all of our children

  • The school values and vision for 2021
  • Pause Breathe Smile (mindfulness)
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)
  • Leadership opportunities for tamariki; student council members and team leaders
  • Garden to Table
  • Improving school grounds and activities
  • More sport opportunities
  • Expanding creativity opportunities to support building confidence, cooperation and commitment.
  • Student voice in the planning of our landscaping
  • Weekly assemblies and TV videos made by our tamariki to share what our values mean.


Coffee Mornings

Thanks Nick and all our coffee lovers!  We raised around $750 in the first week- ka pai.


Key Dates for Week 4


  1. Monday 24th: Dive In Day – Akoranga Ono to Surfdale Beach  – 10 am -12.30 pm.
  2. Wednesday 26th: NYLD – National Young Leaders Day – Student Council to Auckland.
  3. Thursday 27th: Cross Country – for Akoranga Toru, Whā, Rima (yr 0-3) and Whitu 1.30 pm start.
  4. Interschool Cross Country in the city for Yr 5 and 6 children. 

Photos from Cross Country- courtesy of Dallas Gopi



Continue to enjoy your child’s learning.  Their time as a young person is all too quick. Show your interest and ask questions about a part of their day? Empower them to seek help when they need it.  Be the amazing role models you can be and are.

Have a fabulous week.


Phil Wainwright (Acting Principal)