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Maori Language Week – Focus on Emotions

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For Maori Language Week our focus is on ‘Emotions’.

Each day the children are being encouraged to ask each other and teachers how they are feeling.


Question: Kei te peehea koe? 

Answer: Kei te ___________ ahau (insert one of the following emotions into the statement)

Pouri – Sad

Ngenge – Tired

Manahau – Excited

Harikoa – Happy

Hoha – Annoyed

Aroha – Love

Nanakia  – Mischief

Riri – Angry

Even though we don’t currently have a hall our Kapa Haka group continues to practice each Friday afternoon in the Whanau Room (Room 3).  All students are welcome to take part.

Our junior Te Reo Maori learning progressions can be found at https://tehuruhi.school.nz/learning/te-reo-and-tikanga/.  As our tamariki become proficient with Te Reo Maori we plan to develop and extend our learning programme / progressions.

A big Thank You to Whaea Stacey, Whaea Keri, and Whaea Elisha for promoting, developing and sharing their love of Te Reo Maori and Tikanga.  Thank you to all the tamariki, whanau and staff for embracing and supporting the growth of Te Reo Maori at Te Huruhi School.

He waka eke noa

A canoe which we are all in with no exception (We are all in this together.) 

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