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There has been an outbreak of measles in Auckland. We have been advised by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, to follow up with certain procedures in case we get a confirmed case of measles at school. One of these procedures is to make sure we know which students are immunised.

People develop immunity to measles, mumps and rubella either by catching the disease or being vaccinated with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

People are considered fully immune to measles, mumps and/or rubella if:

  • They were born before 1969 (measles), born before 1970 (rubella) or born before 1981 (mumps).
  • ¬†They have been previously diagnosed and recovered from measles, mumps or rubella, or
  • They have received two documented doses (recorded in a Well Child/Tamariki Ora or Plunket book, or with their GP practice) of the MMR vaccine after their first birthday.

If we get a confirmed case of measles, which could happen, knowing whether your child is immune or not becomes very important.

Please contact the school office:

  • To provide us with up to date information on your child’s immunisation status.
  • Immediately if your child has a confirmed case of the measles

PLEASE NOTE anyone aged between one and 50 years who does not have two documented doses of MMR vaccine is eligible for a free vaccine from their GP.

Click here to view further information, and please contact your GP if you have any questions.

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