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Meet the Teacher rescheduled & Manaakitanga all around our school!

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Meet the Teacher

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be moving the Meet the Teacher evening back a week from this Thursday 25th February to Thursday 4th March between 6.00pm-7.30pm.  We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.  This means the school picnic will also move to Thursday 18th March between 5.00pm- 7.00pm.

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Week 3 Value Focus: Caring-Manaakitanga 

Yay- we’re back to Level 1 tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd February). 

We are hoping for continuity this week as we focus more on the learning than on emergency planning. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our school community for the support and indeed kind words.  It makes a difference to the staff to hear the good things. 

We will be reaching out in the next few weeks to ask for your input into our annual plan.  This is so important as it steers the direction for the year ahead.  Please support us by contributing your voice.  Of course we always have a diverse range of views; this is great and what we welcome.  We need to hear what our community is thinking to help us look for patterns and trends.

We will also be reaching out to spark interest in joining the Te Huruhi Board of Trustees and the Parents and Friends Association in the near future.  We would really love you to be involved in 2021! 



Please continue to keep the amazing health and safety measures at Te Huruhi school.  We really need you to continue to use the Covid-19 app at the gates.  If you can not use them, please sign in with the sheet outside the office. 

Please keep talking to your children about hygiene, especially washing hands and sneezing into the elbow.


Vision for 2021 – Under our overarching vision to develop confident, connected and creative learners.

As a staff we have reflected on our school vision and values and have decided our 2021 vision is:

  • To grow creativity and unlock curiosity.
  • To develop positive wellbeing for our tamariki and our staff.
  • To be the best we can be – to ourselves, each other and our environment by making good choices.

Challenge to you and/or your child/ren: Can you create a visual of what that could look like to you?  


Learning in Term 1

The focus this term is how we can interpret our values through sculpture and visual art. We are so excited about how this has started.  I visited all the rooms last week.  Classes were very happy indeed and I got the chance to catch up with many smiling faces.  The feedback we have received from you, our community, has been very positive indeed – thank you. 

The moth plant by Knox and Jakob      

“People used to plant the moth plant because moths ate their apples but they didn’t know that moth plants were bad for the environment. Jakob and I are working on getting rid of them soon. We want to get rid of them in our free time and help other people who need help getting rid of them.”


We have begun our digital technology programme this week.  I am so excited by this and to reassure you, many of the programmes will not only be on devices, but through movement, paper, pencils etc…. Sandra Twidle will be leading this innovative part of our digital curriculum development. 


TOD on Monday 3rd May – First Aid all staff

In order to give you as much notification as possible, we will be holding a Teacher Only Day on Monday 3rd May.  The first day of Term 2 for children will therefore be on Tuesday 4th May.  All of our staff will be undertaking their biannual first aid certificate training.


Litterless lunch and 0 waste – THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING THIS.

There has been an amazing response from our community to work toward 0-waste/litterless lunches. Awesome!  Let’s keep reducing packaging in our lunch boxes to do our bit so we can look after our environment. I managed a zero waste lunch each day last week! This has been a collective effort and is already making a positive environmental impact on our school. 


Shade Sails

Sometimes things do not go completely to  plan. At the end of last year, our shade sail poles had a bit of an issue.  We are still waiting for reports and quotes to rectify this so we can put a plan in place and get them fixed. In the meantime, we can not install the shade sails until it is safe to do so.    


Branching out with Trees – A huge thanks to Linda!

One of our amazing parents, Linda Anderson has been working tirelessly to support one of the next stages for our school development.  She has very generously spent time setting up a fundraiser for planting trees and vegetation to provide shade, to beautify and provide sensory spaces. 

Please please support this very worthwhile cause. Thank you Linda for all you have done.




Car Park and dropping off 

Thanks so much for how the drop offs and collections are going.  We acknowledge parking is hard and we are still in contact with AT to get things improved.  In the meantime please remember to drop off in the bus lane only in the morning and not park in the bus lane in the afternoon. 

If there are any parents who would like to support us with the crossing in a morning or an afternoon we would love to hear from you.  This will help Alex – he’s been a legend since we moved.  Now is the time to share the load!



It is encouraging that we had 95% of our children wear hats last week.  Thank you so much for the support. Please remember to write your child’s full name and class number inside it in case it gets lost.


Key Dates

Wednesday 24th February – Electric Bus Safety visit and classes

Thursday 4th March – Meet the Teacher 6.00 pm -7.30 pm


Instructional swimming starts this week and runs for the next 4 weeks.  

Your child will have 2 instructional lessons per week.  The teachers will let you know days and times your child’s lessons are.  


The Incredible Years Programme (IYP) for Parents (a free programme)

  • Supports parents to effectively manage challenging behaviours `
  • Encourages learning in a supportive environment
  • Helps to raise children’s self esteem, emotional regulation, social interaction, persistence, compliance 
  • This programme is invaluable for all parents


Option 1

Day and Time: Tuesday evenings 6.30-9 pm from March 2nd.  (Please note the change to Tuesday evenings)


Venue;  155 New North Rd Eden Terrace.


Duration 14 Week Programme with a break during holidays


Option 2

Day and Time: Wednesday mornings From March 3rd 


Venue    St Lukes Church Newmarket 


There is no charge to attend


To register interest please email: Julia Langford  [email protected] or phone 0226100345


Have a fantastic week.  Enjoy asking your child what their experiences were at school each day.  

Enjoy reading with them, cooking with them, playing a game with them and simply being with them!


Phil Wainwright