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New School Building – Update

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Tena Koutou

Decmil Construction are just about to pour the first concrete foundation on the new school. The location of this first building is along the boundary with the neighbouring properties on what used to be the end of the school field. This hub will contain 4 learning hubs once completed.

The construction process remains on track because the entire school is being prefabricated off site. In March the first of the premade building walls should arrive and be stood up. Walls will arrive with windows and exterior cladding already installed.

In the office foyer we have displayed the current plans and just recently added the school colour schemes.

Whilst the school build programme is underway we continue to operate in our restricted learning space. We are being creative as we try and come up with a range of break time activities. Lunchtime sports and activities are proving popular with the children. I have been running a cycling group on Fridays and I often have 30 children whizzing around the High School court and surrounding green space.

We would love to be able to broaden the number of lunchtime activities that we have on offer. Parent and community help is always welcome, so please let us know if you a wonderful activity idea.


In August 2016 the Minister of Education made the exciting announcement that Te Huruhi School had been granted $23 million dollars for a school redevelopment. This is a huge dollar amount and we are extremely thankful for our new buildings.


$23 million only covers the infrastructure, buildings, paths and grass. Everything else needs to be provided by the Board of Trustees and community. There is quite an extensive list of items that we need or would like to have when we move into the new school. For example

  • Fit for purpose classroom furniture
  • Resources storage
  • Playgrounds
  • Sun shading for play areas
  • Landscaping
  • Marae Aeta
  • Garden to Table gardens
  • Outdoor seating
  • ICT equipment

Over the last 3 to 4 years the Board of Trustees and Friends of Te Huruhi Society (parent group) have been working extremely hard to save or raise the required funding but we are still well short of our goal.

The Friends of Te Huruhi Society is a group of dedicated parents who fundraise for the school whilst also providing social activities and events for the children and community. All parents are automatically part of the group but the Society needs active members to share the load by helping with either a small task or a more involved event and to introduce new ideas.

To get involved please email [email protected] or contact the school office for further details.


Friday 22 March NZEI Teacher Union Meeting. – Please support us.
Last year the government started negotiations for teachers’ employment conditions. The NZEI teachers union are holding teacher meetings around the country over the next couple of weeks to discuss the current situation.

Our meeting has been scheduled for Friday 22 March at 2:00pm.

We ask that you please support us by picking up your child at 1:50 p.m.

on Friday 22 March so that our teachers can attend the paid union meeting regarding their employment contracts and other issues in education.

Non-union teachers, principal and teacher aides will take care of any children who are not able to be collected until 2:30pm. The school buses will still leave at the usual time.

Finally, thank you for all the positive comments and emails about the Meet the Teacher Evening and other school happenings.

We appreciate all feedback but it is extra good when it is positive.
Nga mihi
Adam Cels