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New School Update – Tentative Moving Plan

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In last week’s video I shared that the move to the new school was imminent. This week I am prepared to share tentative dates and our new and improved moving plan. I have been wrong before and could well be again but I’ll go out on a limb again and take a chance that the information I have is accurate and will come to pass.

The final council inspection is booked for Friday 29th May. If the buildings are given the ‘All Clear’ the school will be handed over to us from the 30th May.

Because of COVID-19 and the lockdown we are no longer able to close the school for a period of time to move into the new school so we have devised the following plan. We will do a staggered move over a four-week period operating from both the new and old school.

We will move the classrooms during the weekends. On the Monday following their classroom move the tamariki will remain in their old learning space with relief teachers. This is to allow the classroom teachers time to organise and set up the new classroom space. The tamariki and teachers will resume their learning programmes in the new classroom on Tuesday.

Our plan is to move 2 classrooms per weekend therefore the whole process will take four weeks. Tentative moving schedule:

Week 8: 6th and 7th June

  1. Room 5
  2. Room 1

Week 9: 13th and 14th June

  1. Room 1a
  2. Room 4

Week 10: 20th and 21st June

  1. Room 10
  2. Room 12

Week 11: 27th and 28th June

  1. Room 2

The move to the new school will mean a number of new procedures and expectation for the tamariki, whanau and staff. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Bathrooms – All new toilets are located in individual rooms which include the toilet and wash basin. All toilets are unisex. There are 3 toilet locations in the school which will be shared by all students. The Ministry of Education only allowed 10 toilet pans in the new school design. We are still investigating ways that we can allow the hall toilets to be used by the tamariki during the learning day.
  2. Cycling to School. We love that students bike to school. In the new school student bikes will be stored behind the hall in bike racks or against the fence. We recommend that tamariki lock their bikes during the day as this area is out of sight. Scooters will be stored in racks around the outside of buildings. No cycles or scooters are allowed to be leant against the buildings.
  3.  All classrooms will have new names – still to be decided.


We are looking forward to the new school and we will share more information over the coming weeks. Click picture to see next image.

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