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School Carpark

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Thank you to everyone who is looking after our tamariki by following the ‘Morning Drop Off’ procedures that we have previously communicated.

The one area that we would like to improve on is using the ‘Turn Around Bay’ just past the hall.  The reason for this request is because there is a right hand turn arrow on the road with space to safely wait for a break in the traffic before making the right turn.  This also means that the turn into the school carpark becomes a left hand turn.

‘Morning Drop Off’ Reminders with Pictures

  1. The bus bay can be used as a Drop Off Zone in the morning and this is our preferred solution.  If the tamariki are dropped off at the bus bay they can come into the school via the gate outside the Dental Clinic. Using this gate means the tamariki do not have to cross any driveways.
  2. Vehicles can park for a longer period of time on the High School side of the Kea Crossing.  It is a short walk from here to the Dental Clinic gate.
  3. Please use the turn around instead of trying to make a right turn into the driveway. The turn around is located at the Kennedy point end of the school hall. This will help to reduce congestion and also make sure no vehicles are trying to pass each other right outside the school.
  4. It is wonderful to see a number of tamariki and whanau cycling and walking to school. If your child comes to school via this method please have a conversation with them about their safety and always using the Dental Clinic gate.




Thank you for your support and consideration.  If we are mindful we can keep our tamariki safe.