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School Redevelopment Update

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Have you looked over the fence into the new school site recently?

At the end of last week the contractors started to stand the wall frames on the final classroom block. Once this is completed the Administration block will be the last building to have its frames erected.  The roof trusses are nearly complete on the block closest to the boundary fence. We are really looking forward to the roof going on this building because it will provide a good impression of the look, feel and style of the final school.

There is a growing level of excitement amongst our tamariki and staff as the new school slowly grows before our eyes.  The following diagram shows where the current classrooms will be located in the new school. We remain hopeful that we will be moving in either at the end of Term 3, or the beginning of Term 4 2019.

No decision has been made about the building and classroom names so the diagram uses our current classroom labels. We are developing a plan for the move and will share this in the coming weeks once the contractors have confirmed the moving date.

At the beginning of May the Ministry of Education installed a time lapse camera to capture the redevelopment progress.  The camera takes a photo every 10 minutes. The following short video has been created using the midday photo.




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