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Start of Term 4: Week 1- Mana- Commitment

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Kia ora Koutou

Even though we are not sure of what Term 4 will look like yet, we are still planning to welcome your tamariki back to Te Huruhi as soon as it happens. We will have to wait to see what the new stages/levels/traffic lights will mean for us and there is no way for us to make a prediction. All we know is that we will get two days to prepare for a drop in levels.  With potential new changes to what the levels are, we are none the wiser at the moment.


Something to cheer us all up!


Our new amphitheatre and seating is looking awesome! The lazy river is nearly ready too.

Class Requests for 2022

We would like to collect parent/caregiver voice if you have requests for your tamariki class placement in 2022.  This is not about requests for teachers as we do not know where staff will be located until later in the term.  Things can change until the last day with staffing!

This is for requests linked to who your child works best with (friends) academically and socially/learning styles etc… so we can aim to accommodate.  Due to very uneven numbers across year groups this is very challenging. It takes most of the term to complete classes and a lot of consultation with teachers too.  Please note that the cut off date for requests is Tuesday November 2nd. Any requests after that date will likely not be accepted. Please send requests to: [email protected]

Parent voice/ request is an important part of our class process as well as consultation with the teachers.  Final decisions will be made by Senior Leadership in the best interests using all of the information provided. 


Parent Survey Findings for distance learning

Thanks so much for the time you took to review our distance learning programmes.  The vast majority of what we have done has been received in a very positive light.  We have taken and sorted your feedback, to look for trends.   The suggestions that could be used for tweaking have been shared with staff. A couple of ideas will be for future planning; such as investing in different devices. We are planning this.

In support of zooms, please ensure that your child enters zoom sessions muted as this really helps. The host will unmute when required.  Although a few senior tamariki were reluctant to attend zoom sessions, the vast majority did appreciate the combination of zoom and google docs.  One suggestion of a prerecorded message shared via Google Classroom has been planned for the seniors who find zoom sessions challenging. 

Seesaw is the main tool for the juniors and Ngā Purapura Akoranga.  Ngā Purapura Akoranga surveyed whānau earlier in the year and it was preferred that they had hard packs which is why that was chosen.

If there are special requests, please contact myself or Emily so we can liaise directly with staff.  We are more than happy to explain the ‘why’ behind things too.

[email protected] and [email protected] 


Reporting to Parents – end of year reports

Only two weeks after we had teacher/parent interviews in Term 3, we went into lockdown.  Even if we do return to school soon, covid lockdowns will potentially make some reporting a challenge as we have not delivered what we had planned.  As a result, assessment has also not happened at school. 

Please appreciate that staff will still produce a report, but there may be gaps and the reports may be lightened.  Please do not be upset if assessment levels have stayed at the same level or declined a bit too. This can be expected due to lockdown.  We also do not have the complete evidence at the moment to provide an accurate picture of all of the children across the curriculum.

We are looking at ways we can assess children on their return (if this happens in time) and remotely in the future.  We do need to balance this with the wellbeing of each child along with the difficulty of even doing this remotely.


In preparation for being back at school…


Please use this time to dig out/purchase hats for the summer.  The hats need to be wide brimmed or legionnaires style. We know a few people asked about caps in term 1 but this is not an option at the moment.  In order to look after our tamariki in the sun, we will be operating a ‘no hat-no play outside’ policy. 


Drink bottles

Even at Level 2  and when school reopens, the water fountains will be closed so you will need to make sure your tamariki comes to school with water for the day.



Please get in touch with Emily Petronelli if you have a child or know of a child starting in Term 4 2021 or Term 1 2022.  This will aid with planning class sizes [email protected]


We hope that the start of Term 3 is as positive as it can be.  We realise that motivation will be challenging for some and getting back into the swing of things can be hard.  I talk from experience in our household.  However, we live in the now, and we are lucky we still have a beautiful place to be whilst lockdown.  

Sounding like sucking eggs, getting back into a routine is helpful as well as maintaining your own whānau downtime and exercise.  Please make use of the wonderful kaiako we have and reach out if you need.  


We hope we will be back as soon as we can.

Stay safe


Ngā mihi maioha 

Phil Wainwright


Acting Principal