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Te Huruhi COVID-19 updated information

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Kia ora koutou,

Many thanks for all the support we have received already and indeed for everyone getting prepared so quickly.  The purpose of this email is to update you about our current state of play. 

The magical consolation, in true honesty, is that we are getting some much, much-needed rain!  

Te Huruhi will remain closed for all students except for those whose parents/caregivers are unable to look after their children. Please refer to the decision flowchart at the bottom of this email. If all the adults in your household are not home to look after your children (and you cannot extend your bubble to include someone who can supervise them) and you require your child to be supervised this week, please complete this registration form:


  • This form must be completed as soon as possible (before 3.00pm today) for us to make plans around bubbles and organise the number of staff we will require at school from tomorrow, Tuesday 16th February and Wednesday 17th.
  • Remember, your child will not be in their normal classroom or with their normal teacher. They will be doing the same Distance Learning Programme as all the other students. 
  • Our first bubble teachers are Andrea Benwell and Fhiona Wainwright.

After reviewing feedback from our parent community, we have started our remote learning programmes today.  The aim has been to keep this as simple as possible because we know that many of you will be frantically rearranging work commitments.

You should have received an email with three basic tasks from your child’s teacher to start your child off for the week.  The teachers will also be offering zoom sessions during the day for you and your child to opt into and ‘check in’.  During previous lock downs, this was a valuable tool used for keeping in touch and was hugely beneficial for the students and the teachers.   

If lock down is extended past Wednesday midnight, we will send further instructions out regarding zoom sessions and online learning.  

We will not put any pressure or expectations on families to get the work done. You can do as much or as little as what works for you. Be kind to yourselves! All we ask for the moment is that we know you are safe and you make contact with your child’s class teacher, either as a message, zoom or through the learning.

At such a stressful time for many families we would like you to know that you can email myself or call me at school:  [email protected] or 09 372 0203 or email Emily Petronelli: [email protected].

Alternatively, the teachers have all established guardian groups as a point of reference and they will have been in contact. Tess Parlane, our Learning Diversity Co-ordinator can be emailed on [email protected]


Staff email contacts:

If you need to get in touch with your child’s teachers, please email and they will endeavour to get back to you when they are able to.  


Teacher Email Addresses


Andrea Benwell [email protected]

Kim Van Der Speck [email protected]


Fhiona Wainwright [email protected]

Greta Borren [email protected]


Lisa Holmes [email protected]

Katrina Boal [email protected]


Coralie Edwards [email protected]

Kate Brimacombe [email protected]

Christina Sloan [email protected] (Wednesday and Friday only)

Rima (NPA)

Keri Hohaia [email protected]

Stacey Hema [email protected]


Mickala Venn           [email protected]

Tamaara Nicholson [email protected]


Pippa Barret [email protected]

Marie-Anne Theuerzeit [email protected]


Digital learning: online issues/ device issues

Sandra Twidle [email protected]


Please see below for FLOW CHART and for our school app downloading instructions:


* For school alerts, please make sure you have downloaded the app.  Please see picture below:


Sadly, this is not where we wanted to be again. We need to continue to remember to follow the advice that the Prime Minister has outlined and stay safe.  This will help us move back to the relative freedoms we have been used to.


Finally, as per the Level 3 requirements, the school grounds are locked outside of school hours. Please keep connected with us, as you have been doing. 


When we have more information, we will be back in touch with you.  As always, thank you for all your support. We look forward to seeing everyone in person very soon.


Ngā mihi

Phil Wainwright (Principal)