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Thank You Maddison and Zoe

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On the weekend Maddison & Zoe ran a stall at Ostend market. They did a big clear out of books, games, toys etc with the plan to sell them and then donate the money to the Te Huruhi School planting fundraiser. They worked really hard to make this happen and raised $120 which has been added to our Givealittle page.

A huge Thank You to Maddison and Zoe for their hardwork, giving up their possessions and donating the money to our tree planting fundraiser.

So far our tree planting Givealittle Page has raised over $1400. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.

We are planning to plant the trees and plants in the school grounds at the beginning of the next planting season.  We are really looking forward to the addition of trees and plants in the school grounds as this will be the final piece that ties everything together and ties us back to nature.