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The last week of 2021- Week 9

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Kia ora koutou

I will be sending out an additional newsletter for the end of 2021 on Wednesday to celebrate the year as a whole.  

Today’s message is to support our whānau with some of the systems and organisation we require, as well as a few acknowledgements.  

Firstly I would like to apologise for the slight technical glitch with reports.  It was beyond our control at the time as a few roll overs had already happened on the system and despite proofreading, names changed.  We would like to thank our whānau for the positive emails we received understanding the situation. 


Your feedback from surveys in Term 4

Returning back to school after lock down

Thanks to those who managed to complete the survey about our model for coming back to school.  From the numbers that completed the survey, 86.7% were pleased with the model we ran, 6.7% not sure and 6.7% did not like it. There were not too many surprises with the fact that social interaction between peers and staff was a positive feature for students on return.  This has also been endorsed by numerous emails. There were a couple of suggestions about tweaking the hours so tamariki had a little more time at school.  All this feedback has been taken into consideration for future planning.  We hope we do not have to implement this system again in 2022.


Annual Plan and Charter

After asking about how we move into 2022 with regards to our annual plan, the survey added to our voice of rolling over the annual plan from 2021.  This way we can finish off what we started in the first half of this year. The charter will also be reviewed in 2022 for any changes to be made for 2023. 


Camp Adair repayments

Please let us know by the morning of Tuesday 14th if you would like a refund, donate to school, or would like us to hold on to your payment for 2022 (year 5 children).  If we get any requests after Tuesday 14th December, then refunds will not be able to happen until mid January at the earliest.   Please contact Jill Watson at [email protected] to inform her of your intentions.  


Books and Devices

Thanks to those who have returned these items already.  They are being processed and made ready for 2022.  We are also looking for reading books as well as library books to be returned for our stocktake. 


We need all devices and books handed back early this week.  After our lockdowns in February and March, we had 100% devices returned.  We hope we can meet that magical target by Wednesday this week. Sandra will be contacting individuals who are yet to return them, but this is a huge job. Please assist us by reminding friends and family who loaned a device during lockdown. 


Unreturned devices would create significant costs to our school financially and impact on classroom programmes.  Therefore, loaners will be invoiced if devices are not returned by Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding and support with this.  Please contact Sandra on [email protected] if you need to.


Christmas tree fundraiser

We celebrate a hearty thanks to Robyn Kerr and husband Steve, who supported the school with their Christmas tree extravaganza. Thanks to this, we received a donation of over $1000 to go to the school to go towards sports equipment in 2022. Thanks so much to you both for this.  It is warmly appreciated. 


New school bench

We were very kindly donated a bench by our extended school whānau at our entrance.  It looks wonderful and a huge thank you for this very generous gift.


Our Year 6 Graduation

Year 6 tamariki from across the school had their graduation last week and we received lovely feedback about the our digital video recording for parents.  We hope the Year 6 tamariki will treasure their pounamu for years to come.  Congratulations to all of our Year 6’s, you have been true ambassadors of Te Huruhi School.

Our Cup winners for 2021

Well done to everyone who received a reward and congratulations to all of our

Year 6 tamariki. A fabulous group who will always be remembered for such positivity

in the face of a challenging year.  

Good luck with your next chapter.  Go with confidence and enjoy it. 

You are ready.


Our Certificate winners

Teachers also presented certificates to additional students for a range of criteria; 5Cs, enviro, always trying hard, having a positive mindset and many other important lifeskills.


Talking Tree Hill Holiday Programme

I will write again on Wednesday to wrap up 2021.  Have a great start to the week and I hope all the tamariki enjoy their final week at school.

Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Wainwright

Acting Principal