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To the outgoing Board of Trustees Members

Thank you for your contribution to the students of Te Huruhi School.  Your governance, guidance and support has helped to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be a successful learner and reach their potential.  

Being on a School Board of Trustees is a huge responsibility, and often with very little acknowledgement. I have admired the way you the outgoing board members have taken on this governance responsibility and helped to steer the school over the last three years.  

Thank you for keeping the best interests of all students as the focus of your decisions.  I know (as a parent) that this is difficult, particularly when there could be an impact on your own children. Your dedication to all learners is evident through our achievements.

As I reflected on the last 3 years there are a number of huge achievements.  Some are regular board business but most are not. The following is a snapshot to remind us of this journey, the accomplishments and successes over the last three years..

  1. Promotion of Maori Education
  2. New school build
  3. Keeping the current school open and safe
  4. Continued development of effective collaborative teaching and learning practices
  5. Keeping the Swimming Pool open and developing a strong partnership with Waiheke Pool Society
  6. Supporting the Garden to Table Programme
  7. Our students – who are happy and keen to be part of our school because they have a broad range of exciting learning opportunities, programmes and support to aim high and reach their potential.

Congratulations to the new Board of Trustee Members we look forward to your input and governance as the school moves into the next phase.

New Board of Trustees Members

Emma Bolser Parent Rep

Mark Hindmarsh Parent Rep

Damian Newland Parent Rep

Suzanne Millar Parent Rep

Timothy Fadgen Parent Rep

Stacey Hema Staff Rep