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Waiheke High School Driveway

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We need your help!

The Waiheke High School driveway is very attractive for scooters and bikes because the children can race down the hills and jump over the speed bumps.  However, we are very concerned that someone is going to be hit by a car or truck. 

Our children need to walk down the driveway or preferably continue along the road and access our school from our entrance ways.  Using our other gates is good preparation for the completion of our school redevelopment because once completed there will be no paths from the High School gates to our buildings in the school grounds.

Pick up and drop off by car:

We realise that parking is tight due to the contractors taking up space but please park on the roadside rather than driving down the High School driveway.  There are no carparks available and the turn around area is very restricted.

We really appreciate your support in this matter.

We are working closely with the High School as we need a workable solution to ensure student safety.   Possible alternatives could involve reinstating a zebra crossing higher up the High School driveway or as a last resort permanently shut the gates between the schools to promote the use of alternative routes.  Our student safety is paramount!

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