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Week 10 Newsletter Maia- courage and fresh beginnings.

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Our week 10 value is Maia- courage. 


‘Kua mahue ngā rangi o te wiki’ (‘I’ve lost track of what day it is’).  

With the boundaries of our own four walls, this seems to be becoming true!  

Wow, where did all that time go? This term has certainly been a little surreal for all of us. Your strength and support has been amazing in helping tamariki to cope with continual changes.  Staff are discussing approaches to support all children back to school.  Some children are really keen and some will be quite anxious and that is ok.  


We will in some respects, be treating the first week back as if it was the first week of the school year with a reminder as to our values and expectations.  There will be elements of team work too.  Teachers will be keen to get back to learning routines as soon as they judge it is the right time whilst providing support for those who need it. 

Please help our staff by contacting them to inform them if there is anything that we should know to help transition your child back to school. 


School Assembly for Week 10


What children’s book is this from?



Your kaiako

I am sure you will appreciate that this lockdown has taken its toll not only on yourselves but also on staff.  All of our staff (teachers, office, support, grounds) have worked gallantly to keep learning opportunities going throughout. Many have their own whānau they are supporting too, and like you, have been juggling.  I am sure you will take an opportunity to thank them and wish them a well earned rest for the break.  This has certainly not been an extension of a holiday as I have heard people say in other parts of Aotearoa New Zealand. Thanks for being better than that Waiheke! 


Term 4

At this stage we are looking ahead to Term 4 and beyond.  Staff will be busy continuing their distance learning programmes this week as well as having to get back into school to get their rooms ready for the start of term and get planned throughout the holidays.  Believe me, the rooms feel like a photo in time, as, until Level 3 they remained exactly as they were left.  

Learning themes for T4 are being tweaked.  All classes, as well as myself will communicate with you about what programmes will look like once the plans have been confirmed. 

Without being certain what level/s we will be in term 4, there will be some modifications to some of the things we do. Information will follow.


New Teacher 

This term we welcome Andrea Tinnion-Morgan to our staff.  Andrea will be joining Akoranga Toru for the remainder of the year in a roll growth position.  Andrea is an extremely experienced junior teacher and we are very excited to have her come on board.  



If you have enrolled for an ICAS assessment, never fear, it will happen.  The writing assessment will be on Friday 22 October which is week 1.  Maths is Tuesday 26 October, Spelling is Tuesday 2, November, and English is Tuesday 9 November.  If there are any further hold ups with a lock down then I will be in contact with those concerned as there is an alternative option.  


Year 5&6 School Camp

We are still hopeful that camp will go ahead.  It is still a little way off and we are remaining positive in order to give this once in a lifetime experience.  We are, however, mindful as to people’s circumstances.  

From Level 2,  we are allowed to continue with school camps.  The main concern for us is ensuring everyone is safe and has the opportunity to go due to finances.  Please get in touch with myself or Kerry if this may be a concern so we can see how we can support your child attending.

[email protected] or [email protected]


Whānau voice for 2022 classes

So this did not get lost during Covid lockdown, we are now letting you know that we will send out information about class placement parent voice at the start of Term 4.  This will be quite a short timeframe as Term 4 is very busy. Please watch out for this at the start of Term 4.  Once we are past the deadline collecting your voice, we hope you will then trust our professional judgement on class placements. Unless there are unmitigating reasons we will not be able to change your child’s placement after week 5. 


New Enrolments

Please contact Emily Petronelli if you will be enrolling a child either in term 4 2021 or in 2022.  Knowing as soon as we can, helps us to prepare and plan to the best of our ability.

[email protected] 



We urge everyone to return loaned devices and cables straight away on the first Monday of Term 4 so classroom programmes can get back to normal as soon as possible (as long as we are in level 2 or better).  Ideally, they are fully charged on return.

  • Please drop off to Sandra in Akoranga Waru 8. (By the pohutukawa tree).
  • Please bring the form back too.  Copies will be available with Sandra if it is lost.
  • They need to be signed off by Sandra so please do not leave the device and depart.  It will take much longer for devices to be back in classrooms if we need to check the details. 
  • Last time you were truly amazing and we got all the devices back very quickly indeed.

We still need to remember to be vigilant, have good hygiene practices, and follow level 2 guidelines. More information will be sent out at the end of week 10 about this.


Link to distance learning survey

Please complete it with this link

We urge you to complete our survey on distance learning so we can continue to make improvements to what we offer. 


Have a lovely week 10.  Being a parent is incredibly hard and we know you are all ready for more normality to come back to your lives.  Thanks for what you have done, for your patience, for your positivity, your feedback and for being a part of our wonderful school.  We know we always have things to improve on, and the last two years have been incredibly tough. We learn from each other and from experiences and there is no doubt that we will grow from this in a positive way.


I am hopeful that we will see each other again at the start of term 4.

Ngā mihi maioha 

Phil Wainwright

Acting Principal