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Week 3 news and preparation for week 4

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Vision and Values of Te Huruhi 2021

At the start of the year we set out with a slimmed down vision for 2021:


  • Be the best we can be, to ourselves, each other and our environment by making good choices
  • Grow creativity, unlock curiosity
  • Positive wellbeing for tamariki and staff


Thank you for all the support we have received for this over the year.  They still remain the pillars for the remainder of 2022 and hopefully beyond. As we have seen, with less than half a year in school, a certainty today will be an uncertainty in two weeks. I have had to learn that whilst I need to keep an eye on the long term, there are some things I can control and some things I can not. To help me with the challenging times I am focusing on what I can control in particular.  I have found this very helpful for my own wellbeing.


Green-Gold reflection day next week

We are privileged to have such a committed crew at Te Huruhi.  Despite less than two terms at school we feel we have made such positive shifts with our work toward the Enviro Green-Gold Award that we are continuing with the process to be reviewed to see if we are successful.  Either way we are very proud of our achievements this year.  Staff and some children will meet with the panel via zoom next week for this.  We will let you know the outcome!



Thanks for your input around class placements.  We have collected your voice now for consideration. Working alongside the teacher voice.  This is now closed. This year it is rather more complicated as we will be having to plan classes remotely.


Charter Review

Our charter is up for review with you, our school community between now and submission in March 2022.  In 2023 there will be a different system in place for charters.  We discussed as a BOT to ask our community if, due to covid-19 interruptions and to the fact we only have one more year with this current system, that we keep the existing charter for an additional year and do a fuller review of our strategic direction next year (in 2022).


Here is our current charter for you to read:

Link to charter


If you feel you have questions or feedback about our proposal, please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected]


Annual Plan 2022

The annual plan is an action plan we use for the year of our key priorities and goals. It comes from the charter but we review each year to make tweaks. We will be reaching out in the next few weeks about your voice for 2022.  Please have some thinking time so when we do you can communicate with us what you see as important for 2022.  We would imagine that a strong focus on wellbeing will continue to be a firm part of our annual plan for example.


What does Level 3 tier 2 mean for us?

Until we know more from the MOE about returning to school it is business as usual.


We have attached the link for bubble classes during week 4. This is based on the conditions we have been working from all the way through; please keep your child at home unless you have no option for looking after them. Staff will obviously continue with distance learning programmes.

Bubble class form for week 4 

Bubble class for week 4


We are planning for a return to school in week 5 (November 15th) but we really do not know what the guidelines are about this yet.

This is out of our control but we have many things within our control.  We are looking to see how we can split the school if we have the choice in how to.  We are looking for areas where we can have outdoor classes and what this may mean.

We are looking at how programmes of learning can operate if we have children here for half of the time and are at home for the remaining time.  We are not thinking too far ahead as we do not know.


Assessment and reporting

As possibly expected, we are not going to assess children on their return to school, if we do return this term.  Their wellbeing is fundamental and this is what we are preparing for first and foremost.  Assessments will now be completed at the beginning of Term 1, 2022.


We will still send a report home but please expect this to be slimmed down.  Staff will write a general comment that will include a variety of things.  Your child will be reported on partially using the end of term 2’s data just prior to lockdown.  This was discussed with the School Board who were in agreement as to this plan.


We all have cabin fever and we can not wait to return to school as soon as we can.  We hope that it is the 15th November in whatever form. We miss the interaction and company of the children.  Our tamariki rock and we want to complete the year in some way. Please keep up with notifications coming soon so we can all move forward safely.  In the meantime, please enjoy the amazing sunsets when they happen and orca around our shores, if you are lucky enough to see them.  Enjoy the walks and enjoy your whānau.

Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Wainwright

Acting Principal