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Week 7 at Te Huruhi, Year 6 Graduation, Alternative Camp and end of year info.

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Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei

Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain



News on traffic light system for schools inTāmaki Makaurau


Schools will retain their existing COVID-19 settings until the end of the 2021 calendar year.

Schools in Tāmaki Makaurau will retain the current public health measures and other requirements that are in place at Alert Level 3, Step 2 for the remainder of the year.


This means we will continue with a mix of students learning from home and have students learning onsite. Schools in Auckland will then move to the CPF from 1 January 2022.


School camp 2021 alternative – some great news!

Through a lot of effort we have managed to organise, for our year 6 bubble, two extra-special activity days in place of Camp Adair.  Information has gone out to tamariki in tahi, rua and rima about this. We hope this is a celebratory time for our tuakana who have missed out on a fair bit.  The programme looks amazing, if not slightly different between the year 6 bubble group and year 5 bubble group. Thanks to the school board for supporting us with this. 


Graduation and celebrations 2021

The Ministry of Education sent the information to schools early on Friday evening about what our system would look like until the end of the school year. Before that it was a guessing game.  We waited until the MOE sent out information about the new traffic light system to see how it impacted schools. 

This obviously included events such as graduations.  “Events (with adults coming onsite or tamariki indoors) should not go ahead at Alert Level 3.”


With so many mandates in place for us at the moment, staff have been racking their brains and trying things out in their bubbles to see the best way to graduate and celebrate our tamariki who are leaving this year.  Due to bubble sizes, non use of the hall and distancing, we will be recording a digital version of our graduation and then sharing it for both Nga Purapura Akoranga and for Year 6.  Tamariki will be leaving their mark in a video to be seen over and over again. 


At school, tamariki will watch (in bubbles) the recorded morphing movie that has been made and see the nominations etc… They will then go outside to celebrate the recipients for the awards and the certificates.  This will all be done following the guidelines so we will celebrate the leavers.  We will conclude with a fish and chip lunch too for the tamariki (or equivalent if vegetarian etc). 


Once tamariki have been a part of the graduation we will then add some more pictures etc… and make a link accessible for whānau to watch later that week. We are sorry that we have been advised not to host any event at school. 


We wish our traditional format was open for us to use.  We have continually asked the MOE up until the last few days, if rules would be changed, in the hope they would, but sadly not.  


For me personally, I have every empathy for our tamariki and whānau having a reformatted graduation.  With Fhiona and myself moving off island, we wanted to share our gratitude with you all after 14 years at Te Huruhi School.  This is a huge disappointment for us too. 


We plan to run our in Year 6 school graduation on Tuesday 7th December with tamariki and have the link ready for Friday 10th for you to see at home too.  I know that many children will love a graduation party outside of school (outside at the beach, deck etc…) and enjoy watching it again with added bits. 


I know staff have worked very hard to make this day an enjoyable celebration in line with what we can do. 


School camp 2021/ 2022 – more good news! 

For our tamariki in next years Year 5 and 6, we have managed to rebook Camp Adair for the last week of Term 4 2022.  This is just an early heads up that this will happen.  A separate letter has gone out to whānau about this including refund details from 2021 cancelled trip. 


Start date 2022

As stated last week, Term 1 will begin on Tuesday February 1st.


Readers and library books to be returned please

A kind reminder that if you have any library books or readers at home, we would love to have them back at school as soon as possible so we can stocktake.  We have 96 library books missing and it would be good to get them back.  Many thanks. 


Devices to be returned

In preparation for 2022, we are asking that any devices you borrowed for distance learning be returned from Monday 6th December.  Please return it (if you can) in the brown paper bag with the contract enclosed with your child, to Waru, where Miss Twidle will collect them. We hope they have been of help during this time.  Presently we are needing to get class equipment ready for 2022 and we appreciate your support with this. 


Classes for 2022

We are in the midst of getting classes for 2022 sorted.  The staff are now going through the lists we have and this will be communicated with you at the bottom of the end of year reports.  Reports and your child’s class for 2022 will be sent home on Friday of week 8 (Friday 10th).  


Meet the teacher for 2022 – transition times for tamariki

We are in the process of trying to make this work in some format.  This has been made very hard as bubbles at school are not to mix until next year.  Staff are discussing this at our staff meeting on Tuesday.


Sometimes in life people make that extra difference…


Thanks to the fabulous Sarah who works in Rima.  She made organic, scented playdough for many classes to enjoy on their return to school.  The children have their own individual container to keep using it in their classes.  Thanks so much Sarah.  Our tamariki love playing with this resource. 


Christine in the gardens and library

Another amazing person who quietly makes such a difference at Te Huruhi is Christine Sloan. Not only librarian and Learning Support extraordinaire but also a key planting and weeding person over lockdown. What a star!


Thanks to all of you who have also make a difference.  Whether it is that hug at the school gate saying goodbye to your child, or staying positive during these difficult times, thanks.

Ngā mihi maioha

Phil Wainwright

Acting Principal