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Welcome Back on Tuesday 4th May. Term 2 starts.

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Our Value of the week is commitment. 

Teacher Only Day- Monday 3rd May

As advertised last term the teachers will be undertaking their First Aid Training as a Teacher Only Day on Monday 3rd May.  School will be open for children on Tuesday 4th May.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all. I have also attached key dates for your fridge for the rest of 2021.  There are still some more dates to be added after consulting staff, but this gives you a projection for the remainder of the year. 


Term 2 Learning Focus

Our focus for Term 2 is a Science inquiry into the Living World.  All children will be inquiring into how life systems work together to keep plants and animals healthy. In the Junior classrooms, children will be finding out more about what plants and animals need to keep alive and healthy. From Year 3 upwards, children will be inquiring into how the systems in their bodies work together to keep them fit and healthy. 


In the holidays all the teachers completed training for the Pause Breathe Smile programme which is a Mental Health initiative endorsed by Nigel Latta.  This is aimed at teaching children mind and health skills to deal with life’s challenges.  Staff will be teaching this programme in their classes alongside the Science inquiry.   Children will also start the term with a focus on Cross-Country training leading up to our school events in Week 3.  It would be great if they could have suitable shoes at school for running each day.  


Fields and Playground

We are so excited about opening the field running adjacent to Donald Bruce Road in the first week back.  There are still a few outstanding things to address at the back of Akoranga Toru, Wha and the Library- mainly that the grass has not grown at all!  This area will still remain out of bounds until we see some improvement. 

The new senior playground will be constructed in May which is very exciting news for us. There will be plenty of places to play now.


Thanks to Alex, our caretaker, and Paul Walden for all of the field preparation and time.  Thanks also to one of our builder parents, Gene Gibson for kindly donating a skate ramp for our tamariki to use.  Helmets are essential for using this and it will be monitored. No helmet- no use! 


If there are any magical landscape/ gardeners who may be able to volunteer some time (on a rosta- eg once a month) to help Alex mow the fields please get in touch with me: [email protected] .  


Key Dates for the Fridge

Please find attached on the email version of this newsletter the key dates for the rest of 2021.  Further important dates will be added in the near future and the list will be updated to give as much notice as possible. 


Contacting teachers

Communicating between home and school is always a vital part of helping children with their learning. We thank you for contacting the teachers when this is required.  We would love to be available more than we can be.  Teachers are mostly available from 8.00am-8.20am for a brief chat or to arrange an alternative meeting time. Teachers can also be accessible for a brief chat on many days straight after school, unless they have meetings.  We ask that teachers are, where possible, left to finalise class preparation between 8.20-8.30am. 

Teachers are happy to arrange meetings with you if more time is needed.


ANZAC Commemoration

Thank you to Bryony Gordon for representing Te Huruhi School by laying our wreath at the Waiheke RSA ANZAC Commemoration service.  We really appreciate you representing Te Huruhi for this special occasion.


BOT elections

Votes need to be received by 4.00pm on 7th May via post or we have a ballot box in the school office. We have noted that several letters have been returned to school as the home address is not correct.  Please can you inform the school if your personal address has changed.


Car Parking

Slight changes for the drop off in the morning have recently been given to me from AT.   It is fine to drop your child off in the bus lane in the morning as long as there is no bus present. If there is a bus there, you run the risk of a ticket. 


Some of our lovely art and learning photos around the school in week 10





We warmly welcome you all back to Te Huruhi School on Tuesday 4th May.  We have planned so many fun learning opportunities this term – so let’s hope we have a free run without any interruptions.


See you on Tuesday.


Phil Wainwright