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Welcome to Term 4 – the last term in our current school.

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Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new students and their families who are joining the Te Huruhi School whanau.

Term 4 is always such a lovely term as we move into spring.   After an extremely wet couple of months we are definitely looking forward to sunny days becoming the norm and our boggy grounds slowly returning to a usable state. Dry weather will certainly help our new school development remain on track.

This term is always an exciting time for our students as they see the culmination of a years’ worth of learning and growth coming to fruition.

As it is only a nine week term it is going to be extremely busy and will just fly by. We have:

  • Swimming
  • Year 5 / 6 camp
  • Athletics sporting events
  • Year 6 Graduation
  • Nga Purapura Akoranga Graduation
  • Interschool sporting competitions
  • And we are very excited that Garden to Table is back for Year 5s in Room 1 and 4.

We will also be saying goodbye to our existing school buildings and we are currently in the midst of planning a suitable farewell.

Did you know that Te Huruhi School was opened on Friday 13th March 1987 and we will be closing the doors for the last time on ……. Friday 13th December 2019.


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