The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the official statutory body elected by parents and caregivers every three years.

The BOT’s responsibility is to govern the school and its resources and define the general policies for its management. The Board welcomes communication with parents.

Board meetings are usually held twice a term. The first half hour of each meeting is reserved for “Community Forum”, a time for community views to be expressed and issues raised for discussion.

Contact the office manager on 372 0200 prior to the meetings if you need assistance or feel free to talk with Trustees individually.

Current Board Members (2020)

Mark Hindmarsh
Stacey HemaStaff Rep[email protected]
Suzanne Miller
Emma BolserChairperson[email protected]
Adam Hunt
Tim FadgenDeputy Chairperson[email protected] 
Harry HoweMaori Community Rep
Merrie HewetsonNPA Rep
Adam CelsPrincipal[email protected]


The school welcomes enquiries from parents interested in becoming a trustee.


Board of Trustees Meeting Dates 2020

Meetings are held in the boardroom in the Admin building.  Meetings start at 7:30pm

Term 1:  26th Feb / 1st April

Term 2: 20th May / 24th June

Term 3: 16th August / 16th Sept

Term 4: 4th Nov / 9th Dec