Ero Report

Tena Koutou Whanau (Dear Parents and Caregivers)

I am very pleased to be able to share with you our latest ERO Report. ERO reports are produced every three years. This report has been complied following the Education Review Office (ERO) review of our school which was conducted early in Term 3 2018.

We are thrilled to receive such a positive report which promotes and highlights all of our successes and supports our current school direction. During the review, the reviewers, spoke positively about our wonderful students, staff and Board of Trustees. They enjoyed their time with us and commented about the welcoming nature of our school.

I feel that the written report is a true reflection of our school, an outstanding acknowledgement of all our hard work and confirmation of our learning journey.

The following extracts are just a few examples from the report. I would like to encourage everyone to read the full report.

Click here to read the full Te Huruhi School ERO Report (External site)

Extracts from our ERO Report

Te Huruhi School is making very good progress towards achieving equitable and excellent outcomes for students. Students achieve very well in relation to other school valued outcomes. Students:

  • have a strong sense of their identity, culture and language
  • demonstrate positive, caring and inclusive interactions
  • use the school’s learning progressions to support their learning
  • use oral te reo Māori oral language and are familiar with tikanga.

The school is responding well to Māori and other students whose learning and achievement needs accelerating. Systems and processes for identifying and responding to the needs of at-risk Māori learners and other students are well implemented. These include differentiated teaching programmes and personalised assessment processes that respond to children’s needs.

Leaders are improvement focused. A culture of reflection and good internal evaluation practices
support the achievement of equity and excellence. Teachers and leaders are open to new learning and continuous improvement. They inquire into the effectiveness of their practices. Innovations in teaching and learning foster student engagement and improved achievement…..

Children are engaged in their learning. The development of a schoolwide ‘language of learning’, and a responsive curriculum based around schoolwide concepts support children’s learning.

The school curriculum places a significant emphasis on integrating Māori concepts into programmes. A focus on building confidence and skills in te reo and tikanga Māori across the school has had a positive impact on Māori children and others.

Key strengths of the school

For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in:

  • a collective sense of responsibility among trustees, leaders and teachers that actively promotes student engagement and success
  • the “Te Huruhi way” with its focus on improvement, collaboration and innovative teaching practices
  • the use of good frameworks for personalised learning assessment
  • a strong commitment to bicultural practices schoolwide, and successful learning outcomes for tamariki in Ngā Purapura Akoranga
  • a strong culture of collaborative teacher reflection.

Next steps

For sustained improvement and future learner success, priorities for further development are in:

  • extending teacher practices to better support student directed learning
  • refining the analysis of student achievement data
  • continuing to refine processes and systems to support sustainable practices in Ngā Purapura Akoranga.

Thank you to the staff for their dedication and hard work. Their passion and energy has been exceptional over the last 3 years and they have found new and exciting ways to provide students with outstanding learning opportunities.

Finally, thank you to the community for entrusting us with your precious children.

Nga mihi
Adam Cels, Principal