Art at school
Art at school

Te Huruhi school, in accordance with Government and local BOT (Board of Trustees) requirements, have a number of policies in place for a wide range of scenarios and considerations.

Because these policies are often evolving and are frequently reviewed, they are held and are currently being managed in an centralised offsite facility (Google Docs).

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  1. Curriculum Delivery
  2. Reporting to BOT
  3. Appointments Policy
  4. Personnel Policy
  5. Principal Appraisal
  6. Principal Disciplinary Process  
  7. Financial Conditions
  8. Financial Planning
  9. Asset Protection
  10. Professional Expenses
  11. Theft and Fraud Prevention
  12. Sensitive Expenditure
  13. Gifts
  14. Travel Policy
  15. Health and Safety
  16. Child Protection
  17. Te Huruhi School Suspension Protocol
  18. Legal Responsibility
  19. Records Retention and Disposal
  20. Governance Overview
  21. BOT Board Review of Governance
  22. BOT Board of Trustees Roles and Responsibilities
  23. BOT Chairperson Role
  24. BOT Compliance Reporting
  25. BOT Committee Principles
  26. BOT Committee Terms of Reference
  27. BOT Meeting Procedure
  28. BOT Principal Responsibilities
  29. BOT Principal – Chairperson Relationship
  30. BOT Principal Relationship
  31. BOT Public Attending Meetings
  32. BOT Staff Trustee Responsibilities
  33. BOT Trustee Code of Behaviour
  34. BOT Trustee Conflict of Interest
  35. BOT Trustee Remuneration and Expenses
  36. BOT Maori Community Representation


Positive Behaviour Management

  1. Management Policy – Creating a Positive Learning Environment – Behaviour Management
  2. PB4L School Wide Acknowledgement System
  3. Behaviour Management Procedures
  4. Prohibiting the use of force
  5. Playground Duty and Grounds Management
  6. Immediate Evacuation of Learning Hub due to Student Behaviour
  7. Requesting Immediate Behavioural Support from SLT Member
  8. Follow Up Procedures to Student Restraint Incident
  9. Bullying Tracking and Response Procedure