The following describes the typical school procedures for Te Huruhi School

School Schedule

  • Daily Timetable
  • 8:00am Teachers present
  • 8:30am School commences
  • 10:30 – 11:00 am Morning interval
  • 12:10 – 1:00pm Lunch
  • 2:30pm School closes – buses leave

Please ensure that children are at school prior to 8.30am – but no earlier than 8.10am.

  • Children arriving late children to school are required to report to the school office.
  • On dismissal, all children must go directly home. They may return to the school to play, but must have returned home first.
  • School does not close early in the event of wet weather.

School Office

The school office opening hours are Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 3.30 pm during term time..

The Administration team are happy to assist with requests for general information; however, the classroom teacher should be the first point of contact for information specific to your child.

The school has an open door policy, so please feel free to pop in anytime for assistance.


This phone number 09 372 0200 gives access to our school secretary and automated options…

  1. Student absences
  2. After school changes; messages to be received by 1pm 

Communication with Parents:

At Te Huruhi School we believe that the home – school partnership has a positive impact on student learning. Effective partnership requires a high level of trust, respect and communication. We use a variety of communication systems and techniques. This communication ensures parents understand how the school operates, are up to date with events and have a broad understanding of their children’s learning. We value your feedback and Te Huruhi School has an open door policy where we encourage open communication with parents.  Parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with the classroom teachers.

Te Huruhi School uses a broad range of communication tools to maintain regular contact with our parents and whanau These tools include:

  • Website:
  • School App: To download visit your App / Play store and download SchoolAppsNZ
  • Email
  • School Newsletters – sent our via email
  • Phone calls
  • Parent / Teacher Interviews
  • Information sharing meetings

From time to time we publish images and videos of our children to celebrate our successes or to share the happenings from around the school.  We will only display images for the children whom we have received signed parent permission. As part of the enrolment process parents / caregivers fill out a form to give us permission to display images in a variety of publications and mediums.

Parent Helpers

The assistance of parents in organising and helping in the classroom and sports activities is encouraged and welcomed.

Many parents are actively involved in the school on a daily basis. Such involvement is appreciated and supported by Staff and Board of Trustees. Activities include:

  • Working in the classroom
  • Helping in the library
  • Upkeep of resources
  • Supporting school trips
  • Sporting, physical education activities
  • Reading support programmes
  • Special projects

Please contact your child’s teachers to see how you can assist.

Please note that for some activities parents helpers are required to undergo a Police Check.

Classroom Stationery 

Parents may choose to purchase the stationery from a stationery vendor of their choice, however we recommend ordering via the MySchool the on online ordering portal of OfficeMax Information and instructions for this will be emailed to you before the end of each school year. Stationery lists are available on MySchool.

School Lunches

Children are expected to bring their prepared lunch from home each day.   

Friday Lunch Orders

Friday lunch orders are now available

Delicious & nutritious meals delivered straight to the classroom.

  • Delicious and nutritious lunches
  • Made locally on Waiheke Island
  • Freshly prepared, just before lunch time. 

How to order:

Simply register and order away!

How to Register at:

Click on “Create an account” to set up your account.
Enter your child’s details and school.

You are ready to order.

Orders need to be placed and paid before 8:30 on the day of delivery.

Attendance & Absences

Regular and punctual attendance is expected to ensure your children continue to progress with their academic achievement.  If your child is absent, please notify the school by phone on 372 0200 and leave a message on the student absence line.

Teaching staff monitor the attendance of children each day. Parents / caregivers are required to notify all absences by message to the class teacher or by phone message on the absentee line prior to 9:00 am each day. By 10:00 am each morning office staff will have reviewed attendance information and contacted parents, where necessary.

Children leaving school early to attend medical appointments etc need to go via the office so they can sign out.  If your child is unaccounted for, administration staff will try to contact you to check your child’s whereabouts. Therefore, it is essential that contact details are kept up to date.

Notification requesting leave for planned absences such as family holidays need to be directed in writing to the office either via letter or email.

Change of Address and Contact Details

It is essential that you notify the school whenever you change address, email or phone contact. In case of an emergency such information is vital. Please use the phone voicemail to leave any changes – 372 0200 or email alterations to; [email protected]

Playground Support & Supervision

Teachers are responsible for supervising children from 8:15am until 2:30 pm. At morning tea and lunch time there are teachers supervising the grounds, managing sports activities and providing support. Teachers in the playground can be easily located in their fluorescent vests.

Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters are senior students on duty at break times. They are able to assist children to resolve any playground problems they may have. The intention is to foster an atmosphere of support, co-operation and belonging in the school. The Library is a space where children can come to get assistance and support when solving problems during break times.  Peer supporters are also in the playground easily identified in their colourful fluorescent vests.


If your child needs to bring a cellphone to school to contact you after school it must remain in their school bag or be handed in to the classroom teacher. Children are not allowed to use cellphones during the school day. All care is taken by the school but we cannot be responsible for such items.

Accidents to Children

Accidents of a minor nature are treated at our school medical room. Parents will be contacted and medical assistance immediately sought in accidents that are more serious. If a child attends the medical room for any significant problem a note will be sent home with the child outlining the reason or parents will be contacted by phone. To help us in this, it is important that the school maintains your current phone number and that of a neighbour or friend. Any change must be advised to the school.

U.V. Shade Protection

Children are required to wear a full, wide-brimmed hat or a legionnaires hat (peak and ear/neck flaps) during terms one and four of each year. This protection during playtime and sports activities will provide necessary protection from the risks of ultraviolet light and possible melanoma.

A wide-brimmed hat with the school logo is available for purchase from the school office, however any hat meeting the requirements is acceptable. Children will be encouraged to “add” personal touches to their hat to allow it to be more readily identifiable to them. Sunglasses are useful protection. Glasses should be 100% UV protection and not expensive, due to risk of loss.

Complaints Procedure

Please click here to view the school complaints procedure

Student Behaviour Management

Every parent (and child) is supplied with a copy of the ’The Te Huruhi Way’ on enrolment, at the start of each year or on request.

Click here to view our behaviour management plan

Our school guidelines are:

School Expectations 5Cs


  • Courtesy / Manawanui
    • Treat others how you want to be treated yourself by using manners.
  • Co-operation / Mahitahi
    • Be fair; share.
  • Caring / Manaakitanga
    • Be kind to others and the environment.
  • Commitment / Mana
    • Do your best.
  • Courage / Maia
    • Be strong, do the right thing.

Enviro 5Cs

  • Courtesy / Manawanui
    • Gardens are for all. – Respect them
  • Co-operation / Mahitahi
    • It’s up to everyone to look after our school.
  • Caring / Manaakitanga
    • Care for the environment and all living things.
  • Commitment / Mana
    • Keep our school beautiful.
  • Courage / Maia
    • Stand up for (what you think is right for) the environment.


Stand Down, Suspension and Exclusion

Staff will work closely with parents to support a child in improving their behaviour. This may include a special education plan, counselling, support services, Children and Young Families and other agencies. As a last resort, pupils not responding to the school’s programmes to eliminate inappropriate behaviour and who are a threat to the welfare of other people may ultimately be stood down, suspended or excluded.

Money and Valuables

Please leave money and valuables at home. If money is brought to school (for school events/ fees) it should be handed to the teacher for safekeeping. Cellphones, electronic games, radios, special toys, expensive games and other items of value should not be brought to school. In some cases, the school may attempt to recover lost or stolen items, but the loss remains the responsibility of the child.

Items Forbidden at School

  • Any toy (or real) knife, blade, gun or other item that may be considered a weapon;
  • Drugs of any sort are forbidden. If a medical condition requires drugs, this must be discussed with the office staff who will take medication into their care and complete required paperwork with you;
  • Chewing gum (which can often deface school equipment and become a health risk);
  • Matches, lighters, cigarettes, alcohol, inflammable substances;

Damage to School Property

We encourage all children to take pride in their school and this is reflected in the minimal damage that occurs to our property or school resources. However, where wilful damage is caused by a child, parents may be charged for part or all of the associated costs. As all costs of maintenance and repairs must be borne by the school such action is necessary to encourage responsible behaviour.

Lost Property

This is held in a box at the end of Room 7 near the administration car park and also in the school hall. These may be viewed at any time. Lost property is displayed regularly. All unclaimed items left at the end of each term it is disposed of. Please ensure ALL CHILDREN’S CLOTHING IS CLEARLY NAMED – ideally with a phone number. In this way we can quickly return it to its rightful owner.