At Te Huruhi we are Confident, Connected and Creative Learners.

  • Confident – I am … positive in my own identity; motivated with a ‘can-do’ attitude; resilient; and a contributor (Resilience)
  • Connected – I take part, I participate; I relate well to others; I am an active learner; Turangawaewae … I have concern and feeling for the land, its people and the environment. (Reciprocity)
  • Creative – I am … imaginative; expressive and productive; a thinker – critical, reflective, and independent. (Resourcefulness)
  • Learner – I am … literate; numerate; a seeker, creator and wise user of knowledge; developing the skills and habits needed for life-long learning. (Reflectiveness)

Our teachers will facilitate an environment where

  1. Children feel safe and included (identity, language, culture)
  2. Children are motivated and engaged in meaningful learning and teachers make the learning process visible
  3. Children’s learning builds on and extends what they know and includes challenging learning tasks
  4. Children have effective and sufficient opportunities to practise new learning in different contexts
  5. Children use their knowledge, skills and strategies to make a positive difference for themselves and others
  6. Children work together and learn from and with others
  7. Children learn through a range of mediums including technologies
  8. Children take charge of their own learning and support others to learn
  9. Children know what and why and how they are learning (using progressions and learning to learn attributes)
  10. Children know how they are going and what their next steps are (self, peer, teacher, parent feedback)




Developing the Person

Te Huruhi 5Cs

  • Caring; Courtesy; Cooperation; Commitment, Courage
  • Manaakitanga; Manawanui, Mahitahi; Mana me Maia


Developing the Learner

Building Learning Power

  • Resilience; Resourcefulness; Reflectiveness and Reciprocity
  • Manawaroa; Rauhanga; Whaiwhakaaro me Awhi mai awhi atu




The Te Huruhi Way

Our philosophy, The Te Huruhi Way, supports understanding of how we learn and behave.

Our School:

  • Is one where people are courteous and considerate
  • Is one where people talk with, not at each other
  • Is one where children are taught to do quality work
  • Has reasonable rules which everyone agrees on because they are beneficial to the individual and the group
  • Teaches self-responsibility and self-evaluation
  • Is an inclusive environment where each child has opportunity to develop to their potential

“The Te Huruhi Way” describes how our learning community chooses to implement and teach this philosophy. The aim is to be consistent and effective throughout the school by delivering a message that is clear, concise and easily understood. “The Te Huruhi Way” is underpinned by five core values.

These shared values are introduced at the beginning of the school year and are promoted, taught and reviewed during the year. They are also the basis of ethical professional relationships within our school and with the wider community. Woven through each of these five values is an understanding of the consequences of individual choice.

  1. Te Huruhi School is a CARING place, so feel safe.
  2. Have COURAGE to learn new things, and do what you know is right.
  3. Be COMMITTED to doing your best.
  4. Be COURTEOUS. COOPERATE with others.
  5. Make good CHOICES and enjoy your achievements.

Detailed information about our School Philosophy is available from The Principal or Deputy Principal.