Welcome to Room 1

Room 1 Teachers


Room 1, otherwise known as Nga Pounamu, is a split 4/5 collaborative teaching space.

We begin by having a kaea share their mihi with the class. Each student has a turn to be kaea for a day. They not only share their mihi but they are also responsible for doing the roll and leading karakia throughout the day.

We then move into our literacy programme which involves workshops that students sign up for. These workshops are guided sessions based on our school progressions, lead by a teacher. Our maths programme is similarly run, where students sign up to workshops, which is lead by one teacher on a week by week basis, while the other teacher runs strand-based workshops and supports independent learning.

The afternoons involve inquiry, P.E lessons, Te Reo Maori and other language options, such as NZSL, French, Mandarin and a student lead Turkish workshop. This happens four days a week, Friday being the ‘must do’, ‘can do’, wrap up learning, assemblies, Kapa haka, French and inquiry, usually based around an art skill, or studying of a specific artist.

We foster an environment that supports student ownership and self management. We enjoy having students input their learning needs and suggestions which we utilize to structure and develop our workshops.