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Welcome to the Room 10 – Dolphin Class

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This term our year 1 and 2s are learning about life cycles. As well as sequencing pictures we are also writing in the correct order using words like first, then, next describe each stage of life. We are doing caterpillars/ butterflies, tadpoles/ frogs, eggs/ birds. This ties in with growing trees and plants ready to be transplanted in the grounds of our new school. It is also tied in with how we grow from babies to present day. There was an interesting discussion around what we want to do for a job as adults and we were amazed with a range of ideas the children came up with. The school motto has been discussed and we can say the maori phrase as well.


This term we are launching Seesaw as our online tool to increase communication with families and for the children to learn to upload examples of their work for parents to see and comment on.


The children enjoyed the Cross- country competition. There are some athletic and resilient children out there, some of which were reluctant to start with but enjoyed the challenge at the end.