Welcome to the Akoranga Wha – Dolphin Class

Our Kaiako:

Kate and I are really enjoying our new class of year 0, 1 and 2 children. They have been learning daily routines which helps them organise themselves and provides a smooth running class. The children understand our expectations and are becoming more independent already. Our Marble tree behaviour chart is working well and the children have already filled the jar and an extra swim was our first class treat.
Our topic this term is Change which is partly in preparation for our move to the new school and the changes moving into a new class. We will also look at how food changes as it gets old and the changes seen in animal life cycles (science). Swimming lessons are in full swing and is so welcome in the hot afternoons.
We enjoyed meeting parents on Tuesdays parent/teacher meeting and we hope we gave a full overview of how our class runs and what we do. We look forward to our class trip to the Waiheke museum on the 25th of March (also part of our Change topic).